World of Tanks – Red Dawn

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Todays’ video title may seem a little strange unless you remember the 1984 Cold War movie “Red Dawn” in which Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen and Jennifer Grey formed a resistance group named after their school football team “The Wolverines” to fight against the invading Soviet forces. Ahhh, the 80s!

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  1. That m5a1 stuart waiting for the enemy to come was actually quite wholesome haha

  2. Excellent stuff. I thought he might live to regret all the ammo bounced off the front of the VK, but he survived that

  3. on Xbox i loved the wolverine was my favorite tank destroyer …. yet now on the pc playing world off warhips

  4. Hope you out up more U-boat hunter videos, looks like a great game.

  5. Power out, suffering from covid, can’t sleep, guess I’ll enjoy jingles.

  6. Lower tiers are so much more fun.

  7. Thanks Jingles 🙂

  8. I’m just glad to see the wolverine getting some love especially since the t67 was beaten with the nerf bat like it so richly deserves.

  9. Red Dawn… that was a good movie…

    But, when I saw the Wolverine on the thumbnail, I’m more reminded of the announcement a day ago that Hugh Jackman is reprising his role as Wolverine… in the upcoming 3rd Deadpool movie!

  10. The carrier is an Essex, Jingles, it’s got US Quad Bofors & everything.

  11. I really feel sorry for that vk3601… I barely play WoT anymore, but i have fond memories of back when it was still classed a medium, and had the un-nerfed conisch gun…. Man it was lethal 😅

    Melitopol edition*

  13. New Jingles video means a new entertaining history lesson in a smooth soothing voice. It’s always good to hear from you, and the feline Mistresses.
    It’s 03:10 here and I still need sleep after draining the lizard. The video can wait until after I get up…

  14. That vk3601h is played by a 5 year old. Its no joke. Thats how it is sometimes with wot..

  15. Mighty Jingles do we still need to contact you on instagram? Or is that scumbag imposter finaly silinced

    (yes I know it is an imposter but there are alsol kids and easy to bait people watching your channel)

  16. good ole Volvorine

  17. His whining in chat was annoying. “I need help NOW!” – yes, princess, you think you were the only one in a bad position, outnumbered by enemy tanks bearing down, then? You want me to just magic up a fresh tank to yeet at your position for support? Everyone wants support, nobody wants to be the support.

  18. Hi Jungles have been following you since I started playing wot on xbox 8 yrs and counting. I know you would like to send me to the mines because I’m a console player but I just have to tell you what’s being going on with Russian players and those of us who display the Ukrainian flag on our tanks on console. Russian players are targeting those of us who show our support for Ukraine. On a number of occasions especially in the last month. The curious thing is that because most of these incidents have occurred by PlayStation players on Xbox players. Where they cannot be banned by xbox for their harassment.
    I would like you to share th information on line please. As I’m a simple salt miner who doesn’t. Know how. I’m wondering if it’s happening on PC. Now I do know you don’t do politics on your channel and will understand if you don’t communicate what’s happening. But I like to hear you thoughts. Love the videos and watch all of your content. Keep up the good work. Much respect.

  19. Yawn, boring gameplay tbh. TD camping in spawn ALL game waiting for team to die then picks off low health enemies coming at him one by one. Riveting stuff…

  20. No subs and Cv;s Mr Jingles hat down 😁😅

  21. these are the jingles videos I feel in love with many many moons ago

  22. After hiding in the corner the entire game, “I need support NOW!” lmao… this game.

  23. I wonder how would the Wolverine fair against a blightlord terminator? Ups, wrong game

  24. I think it would be cool if WG combined all three modes, WoWs, WoTs, and World of Warplanes and had one huge WW2 event.

  25. I just got back into WOT a little bit after a three year hiatus. I completely agree with the popular consensus; that tiers 5-6 are where you want to be. After thousands of battles at tiers 8-10, it’s nice to have a bit of fun for a change.

  26. While i usually really enjoy the replays you pick, im not so sure about this one. He pretty much basecamped his position for the entirety of the battle and if his and the enemy team woul’ve sucked just slightly less, this might have been a zero damage game for him because he never land a single shot.
    Perhaps its just quickybaby talking out of me here xD But somehow i started disliking the camping base bush behaviour. 90% of the time td’s doing that are of no use whatsoever to the team.

  27. No thanks to his team they won, nice battle…

  28. The most surprising thing about that game was the fact he blocked 70 damage with the armor on the Wolverine.

  29. Wolverine was my first 3 mark (well, so far only) in WOT. Given the nerfs to the T67 I’d pick the Wolverine every time frankly. Gun behaves much better for me.

  30. So 2:19 in and Im kinda yelling “why bother with binocs and camo net when your ADD ass wont sit still???””

  31. What a meh replay, he wasted way too many shots, bad aim and wrong ammo most of the time, bit disappointing cause i was happy to see a tech tree tank again.

  32. I don’t play WoT anymore but I do have very fond memories of the wolverine. First tank I ever got a mastery badge in. The wolverine may have a lot of shortcomings nowadays but it definitely can put up one hell of a fight. Something we saw here, may not have a lot of damage per shot but it can throw a ton of lead down range. In it’s same tier it isn’t something you want to try and fight head on. Outmaneuver it and use it’s slow turret traversal and open top nature to your advantage.

    All that being said: at tier 5/6 you may not get people who understand that and try to fight it head on. Much like it’s faster counterpart the T67 it will turn you into swiss cheese if it can pen you. Something I have definitely done and used to my advantage, playing the wolverine more akin a medium tank with bad armor and turret traverse leads to some great results if played properly.

    Now I’m wondering if I should reinstall WoT and play again.

  33. WTG Ghost wow great job GG i see wg giving you my teams 😎 👍👍

  34. Great mid tier battle
    Thanks J Man 👍

  35. campernoob

  36. ha funny thing is im grinding T30 line im on m10 at moment not fully upgraded but here i am watchimg m10 gameplay

  37. 00:38 “No submarines or aircraft carriers in game” 🤣🤣🤣👍

  38. damn i miss playing WOT, havnt been able to play since i had a stroke in 2014 and lost use of my left hand/arm.

  39. The Luchs had him, but I’m wondering if he hadn’t unlocked the faster engine yet? That would’ve been a easy kill for a light tank obviously 🙄. Nice video Jingles, looking forward to the next one my friend

  40. ‘So far, he’s managed to fight this entire battle without being spotted’ – well, not quite, he was spotted a minute or two ago…. GG

  41. Speaking as someone who has both, I appreciate that the T67 and Wolverine now represent genuine tradeoffs at tier 5.

    Want to be fast and sneaky? T67. Want to have vision and a gun that can actually behave itself? Wolverine.

  42. I feel like wasting ammo on shots you know you can’t pen is useless. Nothing against the guy in the video but it is like tossing pebbles at a wall

  43. Jingles pronounces “Stug” like he grew up in Berlin! The problem is? He pronounces “Hurricane” like he grew up in Chicago. Jingles- we ALL have watched “Battle of Britain” enough to know it’s pronounced “Hurri-cun”…….🤣🤣🤣🤣

  44. Could’ve had the Fadin if he missed on purpose twice. Just saying…

  45. オークガブリエル

    Well this was a tier 6 battle so players will still be beginners so it’s no surprising for this result unless a seal clubber was in play here

  46. Im pretty sure the CV “in play” is a US/RN carrier of some sort, since it has quad 40mm Bofors guns. How do I know that? I’ve been up there in-game countless times, and remember every bit of it.

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