World of Tanks – Reet Petite

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

With apologies to Jackie Wilson but the title, much like the tank, does just fit.

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  1. 51 sec in and still 6th like

  2. I still want WG to make an ELC Even sub branch. There were a few variant. ELC EVEN 30, ELC EVEN 90 and ELC EVEN 120 with 120mm recoilless rifles.

    There was also a variant using the Nord aviation turret to mount SS13 ATGM’s but WOT PC doesn’t have ATGM’s (Console does).

  3. GodfreyKnowlegehunter

    Fun times

  4. Sorry Jingles. I waited as long as I could. But you’re back of my youtube queue now. There’s even a monitors unboxed video in front of you…

  5. 16:12 Poxy little low Velocity

    Holy hell that rolls right off the tongue like butter, excellent choice of words Jingle’s!

  6. Rare battle these days. No spamming premiums.

  7. Even if you’re repeating history every now and then about the tanks I think it just still adds value to the videos

  8. Hey, I’m not unsubbing ,and you may run your channel any way you wish, but I’m not engaging with any warming content any more. If I keep eating the shit sandwiches they serve up, they’ll keep serving them. I’m hoping you continue to diversify your content. Thanks.

  9. Great vid, question? What is up with the three tanks on his team that don’t have a tank listed?? No image and just ??? For decriptions?

  10. Go carts. those aren’t tanks

  11. jokerspet karlsson

    Excellent teamwork! 😀

  12. Definitely a harmless MC-kun

    Good game ELC…

  13. Damn good game. Jingles, how about seeing some new tanks?

  14. he tried his best

  15. Violet stet pedder no kemp bush. Nice.

  16. cool play

  17. ACTUALLY JINGLE’s World of Tanks Intro is 3 days older than Joe Biden

  18. I want my…
    I want my LHMTV
    I want my…
    I want my LHMTV
    I want my…
    I want my LHMTV
    I want my…
    I want my LHMTV

    Now look at them yo-yos, that’s the way you do it
    You play the guitar on the LHMTV

    and get killed.

  19. Is that tank designed by Peugeot?
    Or, does it have an extra chromosome?

  20. @TheMightyJingles did you adjust the intro volume :D?

  21. I could have sworn there was an eye for an eye award. Where you kill an enemy that killed you? Am I remembering wrong or did he not actually get the kill on the AMX?

  22. ahh. one of the greatest songs ever written.. hopfully this video lives up to its titles reputation

  23. I love hitting a Borrasque sideways on (one of the sprockets) with the Jagdpanzer E100 and bounce clean off without even tracking the c*nt.

  24. This game is so pay to win rigged MM and RNG played it almost a decade its not wort it any more WG just wants yo every event to put you credit card on the line and in this crisis esp where evrything is gone up so have there pay to win content just not wort it anymore

  25. That was a fun game to watch. Thanks for sharing. It’s rare these days to see a WoT game last that long.

  26. I like seeing mostly original tanks and good team play in RB.

  27. Brilliant game indeed, one of the best I have seen really. I find I love watching a good light tank battle, but man I sure suck at driving one.

  28. Best WoT gameplay are these light tanks

  29. Afternoon Mighty Jangles

  30. What are the question mark tanks in the results screen?

  31. Jingles made this close match even more fun to watch, and it was already very entertaining!

  32. that tank should actually have a crew of 2, this machine truely is smaller than the average grown up women in size

  33. Jingles, you always do actually have good ones for us!

  34. I remember watching WOT with Jingles on the first day of University. Today is my graduation, but first, gotta watch Jingles!

  35. I know this won’t be popular,
    but having a good arty player on your team
    can change everything
    everything else being equal

  36. Tbh, you know what I’d like to see from a replay. A game of throws where the enemy team gets to face off with 1v7 odds and then wins the game, but from the perspective of the team with 7+ tanks/ships.

  37. Nice game from the 2CV. Who sells that particular hard-top conversion?

  38. I’d love to see the twin 30mm version in the game, like a Tier 8 Luchs….it would be so much fun.

  39. I’m fairly certain the only way WG fit a gunner into this tank is by making him into a liquid and pouring him into the fuel tanks. The ELCs were all 2 man tanks, last I checked.

  40. Fun one,
    Thanks J Man 🙂

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