World of Tanks || Reinventing the Wheel

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Panhard EBR. These vehicles are so exciting playing them getting seriously addictive.


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. These tanks are a nice addition to the game but unfortunately with their insane speed and power to weight etc, some people are using them to boost or mountain goat into positions that aren’t supposed to be accessible anymore. The same old issue from a few years ago. Hoping WG will put some invisible walls around the maps to stop these boosts as some of them are “game breaking”

  2. Nice shirt QB

  3. But is really a tank?

  4. Wow that reverse speed is really frenchie

  5. 6:13 @voiceoverpete

  6. I can’t wait to pick this one up! I really like the idea behind this vehicle and honestly, I love fast or light or like little tanks, so I think this one will be a blast!

  7. If want to play with wheel vehicle I will go play armored warfare

  8. 2020 Aaron Bronstone

    EBR: The tier VIII ELC AMX

  9. after this update playing arty would be useless. yay

  10. I love the t-44-100. It really amplifies above average player skill.

  11. It’s too weak compared to equal tier light tanks
    Option 1: Buff the alpha to 240 (good choice)
    Option 2: Buff the view range to 350m-360m (poor choice if they want to keep this tank close up)
    Option 3: Increase the clip size to 3 or 4 (most likely choice, they wouldn’t even need to adjust gun caliber)

  12. Where is the modpack??? Why not release yet

  13. Didn’t get answered yet: does any1 know if you do a boosted start in a bush, does it “give away” your position? or Reduce the effectiveness of hiding in a bush?

    As far as I know, being in a bush essentially just boosts your camo rating immensely, but if you fire it gets rid of that “boost”. What about boosted starts? Partially gets rid of? none at all?

  14. When is this tank coming out?

  15. Tokyo Dorifto Tank.

  16. Do the Kansai Dorifto?

  17. Need you mod…..

  18. shows an epic game on a very open map where the vihicle got supreme reign.. where is the Himmelsdorf gameplay?

  19. I want to see Quicky rockin’ a Type 5 being dirty on them conquerors.

  20. Wait, so that tank will repair wheels while driving? That doesn’t seem fair or make sense. In AW you have to stop to let the crew fix it.

  21. How can I get this tank?

  22. What is up with QB’s videos lately? The video stutters like crazy and just stops for me… Only channel that does it…

  23. I understand the tank sucks at somethings but does have a few good points. Now since it will be a prem. tank it is nice to see one that is not overpowered and maybe wargaming is finally listening to the masses.

  24. I think people like complaining even when it’s not warranted. Looking at you commenters.

  25. nerf burnout by makin it 3 secs to reach top speed instead of 2 and im good with it.

  26. just let the game die…just like WoWs (warships) and a few other games…not worth it when cashgrabbing is that extensive…

  27. I think this tank will be nerfed. Remember back is the days when the T-50-2 was the king of lights? It was still somewhat hard to sneak to arty. TheOP-ness of this wallet vehicle is the comparable equivalent to how low Trumps intelligence is

  28. Armored Warfare invented the wheel, WoT just slapped their name on it… They hope that this will repair the cruel damage they did to their players… Switch to AW guys, you won’t regret it

  29. what is the point as playing SPG if the opposite team have this wheel tank…
    they can just rush and kill all sPG with no problem

  30. curious WG imported a well known auto aim cheat, I know why but that doesn’t seem fair on the other lights

  31. Would be good to also see a bag game where the shortage of the tank.

  32. Yeah the really really good players are going to excel in this thing – everyone else is going to be fail.

  33. Play WT and play Italian Lights

    They are faster in realistic mode than this trash in the arcade gameplay

  34. So, show us those bad games. The highlight-reel may be exciting, but it isn’t very informative.
    This thing seems to really be liking to move around. What do you do on Airfield, Mines, Abbey, Paris, Minsk, Tundra, Mountain Pass, Ensk?
    Please show the not-so-exciting matches.

  35. It’s just so stupid that you can’t pen the Type5 in the back with a standard..

  36. I,m color blind please can you make a video in color blind mode??? thnx.

  37. In expert hands, this seems a bit over powered like most premiums

  38. My session in it Yesterday was nothing short of a disaster. Outspotted even by heavy tanks, 2 tapped because of the low health, on fire because you need to use food to get any kind of viewrange.

    The thing is a lot of fun to play but it’s not competitive at the moment.
    -It needs 10m/20m to the base viewrange
    -100 more HP

  39. I seen one on the NA server, I’m not good with map names but it was that map where you and your friends vaulted up on the hill in the middle during the stream yesterday. I went to the middle with my Super Pershing to see if I could use my gun depression to shoot anyone going up on the hill. But then I seen someone had the EBR trying to rush up the middle off to my right, of course I was like “omg it’s that tank! must kill! gar!” so I turned around and tried to get there to shoot it but it ran away. Then I got stuck in the middle because a SU-130PM was there at the back, then of course the EBR went up on the hill and shot me in the back until I died lol

    Note to self: Don’t chase wheeled vehicles with the Super Pershing XD

  40. Quickie when I read the book “Panzer Commander: the memoirs of Colonel Hans Von Luck.” He spoke HIGHLY of the British and German wheeled reconnaissance vehicles. It would be cool if we could get some of those in the game. I was also thinking what if we got one with great view range and great radio but no gun where are every bit of XP and credits you earned were from spotting. that could be real interesting to platoon up with a couple of arty & one of them.

  41. if they really released it, they loose again a lot of Players, the only thing they have to do is nerfing Arty….

  42. This tank will cancer of this game, more like defender or e25

  43. These HE shells were definitely made to kill arty

  44. Is it fair to classify this as a “light” tank, sure it has the mobility and minimal armour, but it lacks the ability to scout and to compensate it looks like you play it more like TD? now it clearly isnt a TD because because of its skirmish potential. So is this a new category of vehicle?

  45. Nice T-shirt really beautyfull

  46. Theses is the useless tank in the game ! What is he’s purpose? Drive like idiot until u die?

  47. Hi Guys!
    the purpose of tracks is to go in rought terrain. So, wheeled vehicules should have really bad terrain resistance on four wheels, and average resistance with full wheels.

    it would also cancel the risks of having too much climbing abilities.

  48. yeah, lets make “tanks” faster and faster und just make heavys useless

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