World of Tanks || Render Changes – 10.0 Rubicon Preview

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m going to explain the upcoming changes to the Render System in World of Tanks update 10.0 Rubicon!

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  1. Arvin Dave Velasco

    well for me the circle render is more better than the square in terms of
    pointing directly on the target you are shooting. WG developers on WOT is
    really doing their job to make this game really skill based. but again
    thanks QB for the detail video as always. but i still dont like WG doing it
    more business side (selling prems with unnecessary package) =) they should
    think more of the player than their business partners

  2. The circle rendering distance was long due. The old square one makes no
    sense whatsoever and is likely a very early development performance patch
    leftover. All other distances like radios and spotting are circle based

  3. A circle makes more sense than a square, but it just shows the limitation
    of WoTs small maps, where guns designed to kill at ranges in the kilometres
    bracket get hamstrung with under 600m.

  4. Hi QB, I completely agree with you on this. Please Wargaming. Do not
    introduce this in this fashion. It is pay to win

  5. better, i like.

  6. WoT accidentaly solved squaring the circle problem.

  7. I don’t wanna sound critical here but what you said in mark 6:00 in video
    is incorrect.
    If previously you couldn’t render them , they couldn’t render you either,
    that means they couldn’t counter players in your position.

  8. Watched your video QB and was declared epic so sitting on my arse and
    keeping my eyes and lugholes open and operational in my

  9. Dear quickybaby is it possible for me to download the mods you used in this
    video only. Cause im playing on a slow pc, I cannot run any big modpacks.
    And i’m looking for a mod with only the spotting range and render range

  10. I think the render distance exists to balance out the ppl that play on low
    resolution screens.
    If an object is too far away someone with a FHD or 4K screen would still
    have the pixels to show it, while someone who plays at HD wouldnt.

  11. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  12. hey quicky just wonder not being a robber or weird, I know this is random
    but its ok if u dot want to or jus cant be bothered could u send me a gift
    that’s the german medium panther mit 88. ok if u don’t want to ur awesome
    bro peace :p

  13. Long since necessary.

  14. I like this change. It allows for more fluid sniping. it

  15. Great vid! Would you consider doing some content on WOT Blitz too.

  16. now its more realistic regarding view range and rendering, though its a
    disadvantage on some maps but its give you some flexibility on others.

  17. QB videos have a lot of analyses and useful info lately (about emblems,
    renders distance, etc). Thank you QB!!

  18. Firstly, I guess there are 31 people enjoying a big bowl of jelly. QB, I
    for one, really appreciate the work you put into making these informative
    videos. The superbly thought out approach to making the information clear
    is quite impressive. I think WG has made a very good change here as this I
    feel is how view range would be actually – a 360 degree circle not a
    square. Great Job QB and WG

  19. i think this might also have big impact on Lakevil!!!

  20. Why change something that’s been working fine for years?

  21. If using the diameter of the square to find the area of the square;
    wouldn’t we also use the diameter of the circle to find the area of the
    circle instead of it’s radius? I mean if we are going to use the radius of
    the circle…isn’t that only a half measure of a circles diameter? wouldn’t
    we also then have to use the half measure of the squares diameter? I am not
    very good at applying math. There is a lot I don’t know (and maybe that’s
    the only problem here). But with what knowledge I do have this doesn’t
    follow logically. Could someone explain this? Is there something I am
    missing here or is the way this is being calculated incorrect after all?

  22. Well the change kinda does make sense cuz spotting range thing is also

  23. the best in roblox

    I can’t update my common test launcher :/

  24. Does Quickybaby need a new intro?

  25. And we still waiting for Havok engine

  26. Hey QB can you do an 0-I tank review I’m really needing those tips

  27. Apathetic Bystanders

    thanks QB This was useful and seems like a step in the right direction.

  28. Great to see this, circles for things related to ranges just make more
    logical sense than squares!

  29. its good but they should fix the more important things in the game to make
    it fare for all tankers i live in Australia and all the tankers living
    there as well as tankers from Zealand have to try playing with 250 ping
    plus so yes i think that is more important thing to fix than render range
    the day w.o.t. do that is the day this game is fare for all the minute the
    game starts in stead of being way behind the majority who play with 30 to
    60 ping so that is more important in my view 07 quickybaby bogan1

  30. I don’t really know the maps that well yet anyways, so these changes aren’t
    going to impact me much. I like them though; more consistency.

  31. Who cares when the game drops you that small city map anyway, never can
    remember the weird names.

  32. What I believe is that this system will be more dynamic and more rational
    compared to the old square render distance, it will surely change the
    gameplay of tank destroyers as they will need to think of new camping spots
    to render the enemies.

  33. Its a nice idea, but honestly what i want is for WG to stop optimizing for
    the lowest common denominator and make a modern game. Everything spotted
    should be rendered, period.

  34. I have a 600 meters view range + coated optics + binoculairs. does that
    mean that i have a total of 810 meters or 825?

  35. I consider this as arty buff (A1, A0, K1 and K0 spots are safer than ever).
    So if you go 40km/h you will spend 13 seconds more to get in position to
    shoot arty

  36. so much usefull thx u

  37. As a TD player who liked to abuse those long corners, I highly dislike this

  38. pros n cons so lets get on with it

  39. Hi

    Will is it possible to put french/others languages translation in your
    future vidéos, please ? Because the youtube’s subtitles are poor as my
    english and i really like watching what you do !

  40. My thoughts on the new view mechanic is simple … About damn time!

  41. The new system will make more sense in the long run and people will adapt.

  42. Technically, it should be (km)^2 if you want to be specific. km^2 can be
    taken to mean k(m^2) AKA k(m)m, as k is simply a prefix that can be added
    to any unit, even m^2.

  43. They make sense, I always thought your viewing distance was a circle when I
    first started playing, it seemed logical.
    Then as I progressed in game and got mods I realised it was a square.

  44. Is possible zoom minimap more bigger in game and if can, i would like ask

  45. I miss the old World Of Tanks

  46. what happend to fliping fuckin tanks man

  47. Circle certainly makes more sense than a square… but this is just so
    stupid… If they’re gonna change it they should just change it to render
    always the whole map. The maps are hardly larger than 1000m anyway, so this
    is so pointless.

    If they want to improve performance then there are 1000 other places they
    should fix it… that horrible engine with that horrible Flash interface.
    Alone turning off the HUD gives ~40% performance boost. too bad you cant
    tell enemies from allies without the hud…

  48. How about taking XVM stats into account when matchmaking??? What about the
    changes that the players REALLY want???

    Lets be honest here… who the fuck really cares about the render

  49. keep the wife happy.

  50. For aiming the circle is more real to what you would see.

  51. now we finaly can rape some artys from a distance :)

  52. Nice love you

  53. This change is very meta for how much I play, I like the potential change

  54. Woah wait, our view range was a fricken box this whole time!? On what
    planet does that make sense?

  55. QB should be a math teacher lol

  56. change ya g’damn desktop picture that crusty old comic grade street scene
    has gotten Stale

  57. Circle is more logical, but I will miss those long distance shots…

  58. Are their still people playing this?

  59. …. Doesn’t really matter with arty :^)

  60. excellent explanation :)

  61. WOW, you have shown what iv said many times…LARGER MAPS… 2 scouts cna
    sit and hide, and spot every tank on Many of the maps..
    MORE detail and MORE room to maneuver..

  62. rubicon changes?go to official Russian rubicon preview and look at 20k

  63. Zihan Shu (apocalypse shu)

    lol QB dig out his own awkward history to show how to tk someone outside
    the render distance, that’s a true youtuber spirit hey

  64. QB to atone for your massive sins in the PZ1J you will be required to say
    100 hail mary’s,100 our father’s and play 6 straight game in that Japanese
    Heavy you hate so. :)

  65. Why they don’t add new modern tanks like t-90 and others?!?

  66. Can anyone explain why they even need a square or circle to render the map
    in the first place? Why not just dynamically render a freaking cone in the
    direction you’re facing as most other games already do…? Then the issue
    of render distance wouldn’t even exist and the game would run heck of a lot
    better, I don’t get WarGaming.


  68. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Interesting…taking lots of notes right now for new positions I can use.

  69. Thx 4 the info, but please, next time dont use green and yellow like in 6:15
    being colour-blind sucks

  70. I personally don’t care that much…. but i really think there should be no
    max render distance at all. I cant tell you how many times i have just
    gotten pissed at it. I know there are people with low end CPUs that need
    it… but really, i wouldnt think that would add that much more

  71. I can’t wait for this change, it will make a whole lot more sense, and
    relearning the maps will be cool.

  72. This all new coming “shit” is just forcing tomatoes, kids, mofos, yoloers
    and low tier players JUST QUIT PLAYING THIS GAME cus f*king wargaming is
    just doing this shit ALL THE NEW COMING PATCHES for X tier players with op
    med tanks including their own mods. Can’t stand this shit. 8.6 FTW!!!

    PATHETIC, but still thumbs up for you Quicky, love ur livestreaming, videos
    etc. :)

  73. So, finally they changed the Diagonal based spot render (square) for a
    “cross shaped” render (circle), it can favour a better LT and MT movement
    ingame and FINALLY a lot of TD must move to other positions.

  74. this is great, it makes the game more realistic. sound waves, water wave
    all go out in a circle not a square. this game has been too arcade for too

  75. Did you seriously say “with a bit of trigonometry” you can find the
    diagonal distance of the square? That’s the Pythagorean Theorem, that’s
    basic geometry, I learned it in 6th grade. xD

  76. From the moment I learned that there was a “render area”m abd that it was
    square, I was annoyed with this. It should not be an advantage to be
    shooting diagonally across a map. I endorse this change.

  77. It is/was a Square… its stupid
    It will be a Circle… its just as stupid because its still just a limited
    render range for maps that are just 1km square maps anyway.
    Make the circle radius about 700 to 800meter (radius) large so that you can
    see the spotted enemies from your position.
    Even WW2 tanks could see and shoot targets that were further away than

  78. That video ending with the slow motion was really good idea 😀 you just
    should use hidden UI for that :D

  79. i think it’s better this way

  80. wow it took years for WG to note that using a square for draw distance was
    providing irregular draw distance… Damm idiots

  81. i just played against a chieftain on the test, how does someone have it?

  82. thet is ok and not ok

  83. Иван Живковић

    What a great video!!!

  84. Thank you so much for this video, was confused on what impact this would
    have before but now I’m much more informed. Great work!

  85. guess it makes much sense, espacially for tds

  86. i do not like it at all

  87. i want some asskicking gameplay though…

  88. The new render system makes more sense.

  89. I like this system. Why can’t I see enemy tanks at the same distance, eg.
    520m, just because they are in different directions? That is one of my
    first questions when I started to play this game

  90. Great video QB – I’m excited by this change in the render system.
    I noticed 1 thing you didn’t seem to mention (6:50) We will now be able to
    see targets in the H5 / H6 area that we weren’t previously able to see.

  91. very good explained qb

  92. Itæ’s gonna be a hassle relearn the maps, but the new system makes more
    sense and makes for a much more fair game and easier for beginners.

  93. QB, you make it so much easier to understand this kind of stuff.

  94. Its boring but for the work, ill give ah like :D

  95. as a scout player i kinda like it…. the only thing is im going to be
    spotting new places and not being able to spot old places so tds and
    snipers are going to have to learn new positions and maybe try old ones
    they gave up on that they might not get spotted from anymore…. over all i
    think its a good thing

  96. This is cool update good job WG

  97. WoT is slowing becoming a Pay 2 Win game

  98. Too bad vanilla players dont have that on their mini map…..

  99. Why have a render range at all? Thats just stupid. Take out the render
    system all together and make the maps a lot larger. Problem solved.
    P.S. What ever happened to the destructible buildings? Wasnt that suppose3d
    to come out back in 9.0? WG needs to stop caring about Nerfing tanks and
    get back to what they promised us! Im still waiting for multi core support!

  100. Great math skills, makes me ALMOST sad that I dropped math in school XD

  101. a circel just makes so much more sence then a square!! perfect chance!

  102. What took u so looong WG? Why it was even like that in first place … this
    must be interesting story.
    Still better later than never. This change will have huge impact on snipers
    and game play general. New map spots available, some lost. Some safe
    passages removed while some new will be discovered.
    I really hope this will not brake map ballance to much. Also this change I
    suppose open new possibilities for WG like a environment conditions …
    rain, fog, etc .. Just add fog, cap max spotting and render range to
    250/300m and u have new map :)

  103. JimmyRustler_SaltMiner

    Thanks for taking the time to do this. It saved me some effort :p

  104. I actually like this change, unlike the god aweful emblem changes.

  105. i always wonder why they make it a square in the first place, it makes no
    sense at all

  106. I can’t understand why WG can’t introduce T34/T29/T30 simultaneously, they
    look almost identically, as well as 1375/1390, instead WG makes hd model of
    amx 12t

  107. * wargaming releases new patch *… time to relearn all the maps.

  108. WoT 10.0 amd Quickys PC Windows 10 HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED !

  109. Undoing the stupid camo lose on TDs after shooting would have been a nice

  110. For you people complaining about WG, your complaints are pointless. “i cant
    get a good team” learn to carry. I don’t mean 1v5 shit, learn to carry by
    keeping your team and yourself alive. I’ve had 20% win games and I’ve
    turned it around by supporting my teammates instead of padding my stats. If
    you can learn how to keep your teammates alive and work with them you could
    Win the game. Honestly, “top on team but loss” fucking take the loss, you
    had a great game but loss, take it. Jeez. Daily i get terrible teams, but i
    dont fucking spend time and call me team a bunch of shitters. I fucking
    tell them what they couldve done and i fucking teach them. Half the time i
    platoon with new players and try to teach them what i was taught. :/ but
    thats just me. People who say “these shit players ruin the game” nah man,
    you’re ruining the game by complaining about it. Every big game gets shit
    on by their community. It will happen to Armored Warfare… and it will
    happen to all new games.

  111. +usiak13 yes I need to change my attack system

  112. Good :)

  113. I want at least 600m render distance. My Leopard for example can still hit
    and penetrate most tanks on 700m. Thanks to APCR also moving targets are no
    I think its a nerf to accurate and high penetrating guns as my lovely L7.

  114. that was a funny moment lol.. qb turned blue.

  115. imo the circle change is most welcome cause i always abused the fact that i
    could position my tank in such a way that i was able shoot 707 meters away!
    it’s more balanced now, it’s a minor nerf in broken game mechanics abused
    by mostly skilled players so no big deal! it’ll take some getting used to

  116. Seems what they have done is make the need for map changes and removal of
    the corners now….but never mind td’s are now blind anyway.

  117. this will be a pain in the ass for all Field Commanders, I know it is
    logical this way, but still…

  118. Wait, it was a square? Well that’s fucking stupid… They only NOW changed
    it to a circle… jesus christ.
    On a side note, have destructible environments been implemented yet? No?
    Strange, they were promised to us more than a year ago with the 9.0 update.
    Enjoy your russian biased, pay2win broken ass game.

  119. this will help

  120. i dont care, game is fun

  121. Fu*k you WG with this stupid changes!!!!
    Improve MM!!! It’s imposible to get normal or balaced team…14games,13
    defeats,1 win and i am always in top 3 by dmg and xp…

  122. I like the changes, the square system was really dull for a long time imo

  123. its going to cause some short term problems for people like me, but I think
    its going to be a good change

  124. forget all the emblems and renderings , GIVE US NEW MAPS im so tired of the
    maps we play. thanks

  125. this talking went to my ear and came out another ear

  126. Great! But math/physics is not your favoutite… Area in meters? It should
    be m2. Otherwise great video.

  127. given where the spawns are, you can now see and shoot enemies right at the
    start of the game in malinovka. it only takes a suicidal scout, and the
    slow tanks can only wish themselves luck.

  128. Thank god this was needed it was always such a stupid system having the
    signal range as a square

  129. The circle makes sense. I’m just a fan of the constant distance. 500 to 707
    meters is quite a difference.

  130. Thanks for the comprehensive and illustrative guide QB!

  131. Render distanse is now consistant, so i guess this is good

  132. once time in lakeville map the guy spot the enemy team of the other side of
    the lake and i said that i can’t see them cause the render distance limited
    so i can’t support fire
    and that guy start to talk shit about my computer not powerful enough to
    have high render distance
    and i be like whoat whoat? graphic/landscape render is different from
    object/entities render
    how can i deal with those butt hurt people that they don’t know about WoT

  133. More realistic

  134. I’ve been waiting for this change for years, since they said they were
    going to implement it.

  135. Names the patch Rubicon,changes the render to a circle.

  136. Wow, your smart :)

  137. im earöy

  138. ahhhhhhhhhhh

  139. Thx for the info

  140. Firm_YorkshireBuzzard

    I don’t think the next update will be any better :(

  141. last I came this early my girlfriend left me

  142. Read the title as “Gender Changes”

    was disappointed((

  143. first

  144. What do you guys think about the upcoming render system changes?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

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