World of Tanks Replay AMX 13 90 | Capitalising on Mistakes

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  1. Thanks for featuring me again! No Kolobanov’s because it was 1v3 after the
    last arty on my team died. Actually I was thinking the premium rounds were
    HEAT and I didn’t want to bounce the spaced armor. In looking it up now I
    realize they are aper and I should have loaded them. I also realize that if
    that HE she’ll had tracked me I would have been dead. Luck was certainly
    with me (as well as the Bulldog) in that game. It was a great move on his
    part to follow me after the arty as I requested.

  2. So entertaining and fun to watch! lol

  3. Such a beatiful game, the only dodgy part was the end, he could have died
    there if he got tracked in the cap circle. I dont know if he had a repair
    crew, but if he didnt the is-3 would have just reloaded and killed him.
    Luckily he didnt get tracked, awesome game!

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