World Of Tanks Replay – AMX Chasseur de chars – Medals!

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Source: Plumb Tanker

TheBigBison in his natural habitat, on the open plains of …..

My computer specs:
Intel Core i7-2600K OC to 4.4Ghz – 16gb Corsair Ram – MSI Geforce GTX 980 – Asus P8P67 Mobo – Asus RogSwift 4K 27″ – Window 10 Home.


  1. Thx for uploading Plumb 😀

    And hopefully soon I should as busy as you are 🙂

    Applied for work,going to an interview tommorow,
    hopefully I’ll get a new PC then and stop playing on shitty 20fps 😀

    Once again,thx Plumb
    Cheers ;)

  2. Very good game BigBison well done

  3. *Feels sorry for Plumb as requested.*
    Any chance of another H2H video in the future? I liked those! :D

  4. I know the game sound is a touch off, no time to fix it though!!

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