World of Tanks Replay | B1 A+ for Effort

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. that title..

  2. That’s not how you pronounce “Harpoentje” #dutchies :P

  3. it is harpoentje he is in my clan

  4. nice job harpoentje

  5. Tijmen Teunissen

    Sad that people nog sub on your new channel!!! Keep it up maxwell!!!

  6. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    That started off as an easy victory and got really tense at the end. I bet
    after a big game like that the last thing he wanted to see was another B1.
    I like how the sharks tried to swarm when they thought they had the game
    won only to be easily defeated – maybe they know what a B1 can do now.

  7. The only nitpick I have is that he can’t get a Pool’s at tier IV; only
    vehicles Tier V and higher can get the epic kill-count medals. (Otherwise
    stat-padding assholes would just farm Radley-Walters and Pool’s medals in
    T18 TDs all day.)

    That being said, a good replay of the B1. I remember driving this thing and
    hating it because of that really, really crappy gun. The B1 and Matilda are
    similar in they’re both slow, reasonably well armored, and have a
    rapid-firing gun with low alpha. The Matilda, of course, has better armor,
    and its top gun actually penetrates anything equal tier or lower without
    needing to spam premium ammo, while the B1’s gun is… not so good. Still,
    as this replay shows, you can have some awesome games in it, especially if
    it’s top tier.

    So a great game from mister Dutchman there. And he wasn’t graded on a

  8. Andre van essen

    Hi, im harpoentje, its little harpoon in english, got shaking hands again
    from this replay 😉 

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