World of Tanks Replay | Churchill I | Perfect Combo

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. That M4 and T67 threw the game. They had that guy, all they had to do was
    not screw up, and that’s what they did.

    That said, Speedy kept his cool at the end and played it right, so he did
    earn that win.

  2. Is it just for me that the video falls back to the sound ?

  3. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    The Pz. Sfl. IVc’s name is pronounced “Pan-zer-seff-all-var-gun-4-C”. :P

  4. Well, i have had that tonk for 3 days now (finally advancing brit heavies)
    and loooove it :D

  5. That’s a lot of HE, no need to carry that much. Maybe like 2 or 3 should be

    • +slacko1971 lol… I never said I rely on HE to do damage to heavily
      armored targets. I use HE to finish off low HP heavily armored targets or
      to do right the opposite. Fucking up lightly armored targets. And that’s
      why I take 10 HE in these 85 mm and lower pop guns. And even if I used it
      only to finish off the low HP targets it’s better to take more HE just in
      case because the low caliber pop guns aren’t very reliable.

    • +MargoťákTV If you are relying on HE to do damage to heavily armoured
      vehicles you are also “bad” at the game.
      HE good for taking out heavily armoured tanks on very low hp and doing high
      damage to very lightly armoured targets, Not much use for anything else.
      You are one of those guys that shoots my KV4 with HE and does 50 damage
      aren’t you? That always makes me chuckle.

    • +slacko1971
      If you say this… then you are bad at the game.

    • +MargoťákTV That has to be one of the dumbest reasons ever to carry more HE

    • +MargoťákTV That really really makes “sense”. In fact, not even close.

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