World of Tanks – Replay Contest – Artillery!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I can’t promise a reply or that I’ll feature it, but I do look at them all and you never know your luck.

System Specs: 3.07Ghz i7 CPU, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 480GTX graphics card, running at 1920×1080 resolution.

Mods used:
Crosshairs with Reload Timer:
Demoles’ Damage Panel:

Intro music from “Epic Rock Instrumental” by Farhan, used with permission


  1. Whey hey first view

  2. Jingles where their any British tanks in the submissions?

  3. on the WoWS forums, people are already calling to remove carriers, and the
    game isn’t even in Alpha yet!

  4. The deadline for the contest was the day after the British were introduced,
    so no Brits made it in.

  5. So, if I have a couple of AMAZING replays to share, can I just send them to
    you, or do I need to wait for some sort of a Replay Contest themed on the
    tanks in the replay? I have a couple of really amazing replays in a T29,
    T14 and a Pershing!

  6. I thought the minute you move your aimer, it has to restart aiming form the
    beginning, really surprised at the low tier accuracy

  7. Feel free to send them to the address in the description but I gotta be
    honest with you. Since the contest deadline I’ve got 800 emails with
    replays waiting to be looked at. The chances of getting something featured
    in the next six months are pretty slim. 😉

  8. I need to hurry up and download 8.2 i need to churn out some good battles
    to send into jingles

  9. that kill on the m6 was all down to the grille the gun it has does 600+ avg
    damage when it goes through the crap side armour.

  10. That last battle with the Grille was awesome, actually found myself
    shouting advice at him lol and at the end even though you were commentating
    I noticed myself reaching for the keyboard to type a well deserved GG, lmao
    brilliant 🙂

  11. Well (I’m Lt Joker) it was really trolling newbies at that stage. When this
    game was played my SU-18 has 100% crew, first skill at 60% or so, it had
    camo net, gun rammer and that thing that decreases aiming time. An arty
    with that much equipment and that kind of crew will wreck any enemy team in
    low tier. Especially with the SU-18 the gun rammer can give you problems
    because you reload so fast and aim so quickly that you often run out of
    ammo in that thing 🙂

  12. Good god that was funny. arty duels are now tied with light tank duels for
    “most intense”

  13. hey bud like your vids just asking but how do u use artillery (like how you
    u aim) ? i know its sound stupid but when u aim at 3:10 plzz tell me

  14. yep, it’s your loyal viewership making you look like a fool again
    “Artillery games are boring…” Pheh

  15. Mad Hatters in jeans

    I bet the grille in the last game was sweating like crazy, that was one
    insane match. awesome

  16. Ouch :D. Well, I’ll send in the replay where I and my platoonmate hold off
    a whole flank of crap, our 12 teammates die on the other flank, so we
    proceed to kill every enemy left there too and then win the game. That was
    an EPIC match, I’m sure you’ll like it 😉

  17. In artillery, that’s your version of sniper view. Just press “shift”.

  18. how do you get out of it and ty

  19. Just press shift again. 😉

  20. omg i love Artillery,go in a game with a bison and got 5 kills ty so much 🙂

  21. Hmm, the tier 4’s: The teenagers of WoT. I think I found out why I don’t
    like the t4s….

  22. I’ve noticed that with slower arties your main problem in aiming is when
    you move both your gun and your hull when you are trying to aim at
    something: Like Jingles said, you’ve got to go through the whole thing over
    again. So I’ve figured out that you can avoid most of that aiming process
    if you hold down the right mouse button (gun/turret lock button) while
    moving the hull, and then slowly move the gun into place in arty mode. It
    saves a TON of time!

  23. hi jingles what screen recorder software do you use

  24. On the last replay with the grille, he was unlucky to hit the priest magic
    armor and lucky to not get hit. I’m eager to know if my BISON replay will
    get into the round ups… Hmmm… Jingles, how many arty round ups are you
    expecting to upload?

  25. I want a shirt that says ” ‘Bout as much use as tits on a fish” Would be so

  26. Should be showing the winner within two days.

  27. Bandicam, trial version lets you record 10mins at a time.

  28. Jingles that was me in the Grille.Happy that you featured my game. and btw
    the Grilles top gun can do 855 maximum damage.Glad to be in the contest =).

  29. Thank you for your comment.It was me in the Grille and trust me i was
    sweating nuts and bolts during that game.

  30. Hey, Jingles. Did you get a chance to watch the arty replay I sent you? It
    was after the contest deadline and I was using gold ammo anyway. But damn I
    think it was exciting. I had to go all TD mode for most of it. It was in a
    Grille. Anyway, videos are awesome as always!!!

  31. couple comments 1-grille battle was hillarious. Loved it. 2-Arty gets
    slammed so hard so many times because 90% of them are played by the most
    useless muppets in the game,and we’re all used to be spotters of high
    valuable units while the arty is shooting elsewhere to 200hp left low tier
    tanks just because they’re greedy for the kill, and retardness like that.
    And quite honestly,they’re despised by most people in the game
    anyway.Sometimes underservedly others not.

  32. 2 things to say: 1. I am really sad that I hadn’t came across you channel
    until the contest deadline. I hope there will be another artilery contest
    🙂 2. In my opinion, I find this first roundup just as a big compilation of
    luck. Every replay was a fun to watch, a lot of derpy moments etc. but I
    really find it as just wins on luck and stupidity of some enemies. I hope
    we will see some skills too 🙂 Just sayin’.

  33. And please, is there any possible way how to rewatch the replays from 8.1
    after update on 8.2, said in a different way, can I get somehow the
    verision 8.1? thanks

  34. And please, is there any possible way how to rewatch the replays from 8.1
    after update on 8.2, said in a different way, can I get somehow the
    verision 8.1? thanks

  35. case in point,in a battle I played before I slammed my E50 vs an incoming
    T71 that had got past our lines and was coming fast towards our 4 arties. I
    got tracked as result of the ram…and destroyed by a combination of enemy
    arty…and our own’s. In the team chat there was nothing like “sorry” or
    “thanks”.What they said was “idiot E50”. With that kind of
    players/behavior,driving probably the most despised kind of vehicle in the
    game,isn’t strange that most times they get no benefit of the doubt.

  36. and I’d say that arty is OP right now just because a reason: in many cases
    high tier arty splash does more damage in hp/crew/modules by actually
    missing and splashing you rather than directly hitting you (at least if
    you’re in a decently armored tank). The splash mechanics IMHO are totally
    broken. between that and the everlasting arty parties in T10 games, really,
    arty is a cause of concern (or should be) for WG, and again, are a serious
    cause of hate from players trying to have fun in a tank.

  37. “Clicks video excited thinking its mediums” ……”sees it’s arty, :(“

  38. Let me just have a quick look through the 800+ emails I’ve received since
    the contest ended and I’ll get back to you. Just kidding. :p

  39. ಠ益ಠ touche

  40. Whats…the name…of the NA account………

  41. Jesus!!! Sounds like you got more emails AFTER the contest ended!!! Maybe,
    you should hire some help. LOL.

  42. Hence the GWP is full of awesome. The turret makes a huge difference. I was
    was trying to count the reload of the Grille and Hummel, I sold mine ages
    ago, and I think they’re both around the 17-18 sec mark. My GWP with 100%
    crew, gld and rammer is 20.26. I can’t comment on the Lorraine or M12 as
    far as reload but surely the turret must place the GWP up there as the best
    T6 spg. From memory the S71 and SU-14 are well over 30 secs. So I have no
    intention of getting any other spg. Ever.

  43. Mr. Jingles, the Grille should have won the contest that was amazing!

  44. Jingles what’s your NA account name??? I want to add you! I always have a
    BT-2 pimped out for fun, maybe we can platoon sometime???

  45. I have arty replays and would like to send them your way. How would I go
    about doing that?

  46. Just for your enjoyment I’m not entering the contest.

  47. Yeah, you need a version of the game installed for each version of replay
    you want to watch. Try Google.

  48. It’s none other than TheMightyJingles.

  49. Details in the video description.

  50. Ctrl+right click on the map in artillery view.

  51. you rock jingles thx for the awesome vid replays always entertaining

  52. I had more fun on my GWP than any other Arty, probably even more than on
    the SU-26. The combination of “turret”, speed and rapid reload made it a
    joy to play.

  53. i love arties, especially when im driving it.

  54. HI, Jingles! When playing arty and you have to go into TD mode, should you
    aim a little high or low or anything like that?

  55. Aim right at them and pray!

  56. S-51 can one shot tier IX tank – I know i have been one shotted in my M103.
    Grille with 100% crew has 15s reload time..

  57. Jingles in a cheerful mood..

  58. The Grille game was so fun to watch, I was laughing with you all the time,
    jingles haha

  59. in td mode generally error on the side of aiming low

  60. The advantage of the S-51 and SU-14 is the huge gun they have at Tier 6.
    The 203mm was The finger of God before the 21cm and 240mm came into the

  61. I know the alpha is much higher in the S51, I just prefer a higher rate of
    fire and better mobility. I had my entire Obj 704 crew killed by one shot
    from a M40/43 the other day….not happy. I also look forward to being one
    shotted in my new acquired Conqueror, spall liner ahoy methinks

  62. grille does pretty good damage, ive one shot 2 churchills in one game once.

  63. Artillery!

  64. HazyShadeOfCriminal

    Grille was the best game so far you showed us IMO. Spielberg could not make
    so many clifhangers. Great game

  65. Lorraine is about 15 secs . What makes it fun to play is the amazing top
    speed of over 60 km/h. Close call imo for fun factor between that and the
    GWP. Both rock tbh ..

  66. your obsession with kicking puppies is somewhat worrying, brosephine.

  67. Just a point for future reference Eagle: The Grille can and will one shot
    any tier 6 heavy vehicle if it penetrates at the right spot. Yes, you don’t
    need to ammo rack them. This comes from all the KV2s, T-150’s, M6’s and
    1S’s I’ve taken down in td mode at full health using HE’s. Some were in
    arty mode, others were from flanks in TD mode

  68. stug 3 argh it won’t kill anything!

  69. Can you understand why I want artillery removed from the game now?

  70. “About as much use as tits on a fish”…… classic!! PMSL at that one…

  71. I emamber to got a match with 7 kills in my T57, to bad I didn’t record

  72. Th M37 Top gun is inaccurate, takes a week to aim and relods quite slow,
    yet I wish I have not to Grind the M7 priest, it got the very same gun as
    stock 😛

  73. finally arty

  74. well…it wont one-shot kill the TOG II but other than that I agree

  75. The Grille is only 4 arty with crap aim time Su5 has 8.5 sec reload and 3.7
    sec aim time on max… But it only has 14 granades… XD

  76. While I enjoyed playing my friends GWP I found the splash and damage
    somewhat lacking. This was definitely made up for by its mobility though it
    makes an amazing TD Arty when needed. For my money my favorite arty is
    still the 40/43. Great mobility, incredible damage (1 shot an IS-7 WITHOUT
    ammo racking it) and decent reload. In my opinion it is a much better arty
    than its big brother the 92 even in Tier10 matches.

  77. Still gotta admit when yer high tier arty and can insta pop Tier 10 heavies
    it makes that long reload much more bearable 🙂 And if memory serves the
    M12 was about 25 seconds for a reload with decent mobility but weak-ish

  78. Nobody complains about low tier arty. The problem is the high tier arty
    tier7+. They do insane amount of damage and they have huge splash radius.
    With my t92 I do 0.8k-1k damage with splash. With direct hits I usually 1
    shoot tier 9s and even tier 10s some times. PS: T92 with premium shells
    cannot miss 🙂

  79. I don’t envy you Jingles trying to make artillery battles look exciting 🙂
    Being an occasional Arty guy myself even the best arty games are usually
    anything but a spectator sport 🙂

  80. O love the SU-12 and obj 212 because of there gun, but i don’t like that
    they are so slow! 😛

  81. Hey Jingles, have you noticed the number of times in these submissions that
    people run down the cap circle supply dump? We’re paying attention. 🙂

  82. aaron blinco aaronsblinco

    I had an arty game in my hummel where I was the only one left and I took 5
    of them with me but to be fair they did suck

  83. Jingles, did i sent my Type 59 replay in fast enough or was it too late?
    anyway thanks and epic vids as always!! (my name was scavenjer BTW)

  84. Jingles, did i sent my Type 59 replay in fast enough or was it too late?
    anyway thanks and epic vids as always!! (my name was scavenjer BTW)

  85. I was almost surprised how many AP shells stuka had in S-51. I think it’s
    accuracy is so bad that it isn’t worth keeping more than 2 AP shells in it
    as the ammo capacity is very limited.

  86. I alway aim slightly behind the tank, if that makes any sense. I do so
    because the reticle will add the height of the enemy to the range, thus
    aiming slightly behind the tank will guarantee a 90% chance, or something
    close to that.

  87. Well said.

  88. Hehe, I’d like to think it’s all down to me but… probably not. 😉

  89. I keep looking at participants in every replay to see if my own account
    shows up as one of those dreaded window-licking retards… love the
    expression, would hate the thought of me being one of them…

  90. Do you take replays from russian servers too? Sorry for my bad english

  91. I can’t speak for others, but for me it was. Now I turn that stuff into a
    “Jingles Speedbump” unless someone else does it first! HA!

  92. what is the best way to record my world of tanks play?

  93. Lee Hoiby mylastletterhome

    that hummel in the third clip is so lucky! the aiming circle is so big yet
    he always hit the target…

  94. Like your channel hate arty, hope you do not reward them to generously

  95. I first saw that advice given on Nethervvoid’s channel and since I have
    seen every commentator worth their salt give the same advice about running
    over the depots. While I don’t think any of the good commentators came up
    with it originally, they all give the same great advice to get rid of it,
    and in a lot of the games I’ve played it seems that thankfully their
    viewers have been listening. 😉 lol

  96. Loved that Grille match. Very entertaining.

  97. when i was in my lorraine 155 50 my team on one side blamed me because i
    did not support their side, and enemy arty did (because they pushed in
    their cover out of mine). most people just don’t know what arty is…

  98. Hetzer on the last replay, I think, had no ammo, because of low capacity in
    this sneaky machine. He could do some bluff actions, but his morale just

  99. You forgot the part where you laugh maniacally :-p

  100. Centaur Productions

    What’s next? American tanks replay contest???

  101. hey jingles…this is an odd and out of the line question, but what
    internet do u have? 🙂

  102. Why does nobody seem to use hull lock in these? Several times you see the
    players trigger the tanks traverse and their reticles obviously widen right
    up, then they spend an age waiting on it aiming in on a tank that they
    didn’t have to traverse to hit in the first place. Is it that people just
    dont know about it?

  103. Virgin Media, 50MBit. Upgrading to 100MBit very soon.

  104. With time you manage to figure out wether your shell has reasonable odds to
    hit/ splash the target or not…even if not fully aimed. But i have to
    admit the T-50-2’s shot was 75% luck.

  105. Of course, yes. I have a few Russian subscribers, but not many of them sent
    replays in.

  106. Make sure “Enable Battle Recording” is ticked in your options and run
    something like Fraps or Bandicam when watching the replays.

  107. Not to mention hard to miss 😉

  108. Hey Jingles what do you think of the Löwe now in 8.2?

  109. I couldn’t say. I’ve played exactly two games since 8.2 came out and they
    both sucked. Too busy with these replays.

  110. I’m planning on buying one, i play german tanks only and i want it for
    training heavy tank crews and make some silver do you think its worth it?
    also with 8.2 they resized the löwe now its bigger

  111. IF that’s what you want it for, it’s definitely worth it.

  112. Centaur Productions

    Tier1 replay contest

  113. hope there is a T92 in this video really want to see some 1 shot kills:)

  114. 17:56 awesome shot:)

  115. 15:00 had me rocking on the edge of my seat lol, i SCREAMED “yes!!!” when
    battletime expired lol

  116. Jingles! Whats your account name on the NA server?

  117. I’m a Russian subscriber :D. Even though I speak English as good as i speak
    Russian 🙂

  118. well im looking for a new tier 5 arty since my AMX 13 F3 had its aiming
    time and gun dispersion nerfed. heard hummel was best but then heard all
    kinds of good things about the other ones so i dont know.

  119. When people go off of arti s performance based just by kills. I like the
    new battle reports where you will look at one with no kills then find out
    he did 10k damage.

  120. How do you move the mini map without going out of scope? Control key or
    shift key ?

  121. The lowe is amazing buy it if you want

  122. Hey what’s your IGN in the NA server?

  123. TheMightyJingles

  124. Can u do some more tiger P vids

  125. whats wrong with you jingles? that hummel replay was such a fail and luck
    compilation. he aimed on suicide scout targets, aimed at usa heavy and
    suddenly aimed another direction to totally start at 0 and having so much
    luck to hit him. unbelievable he wasnt killed by enemy arti, would have
    appreciated it so much.

  126. That grille at three end was amazing. Three winner will have to be really
    special to brat that.

  127. Herpa Derp in my predictive text in previous comment 🙂

  128. waste of slot for such a mobile tier 9 tank methinks


  130. Hmm, but…it is quite susceptible to arty though. Don’t need a gld and
    view range is already 400m. I’ll throw it on just to see.

  131. Jingels, can you do a T92 gameplay? Thanks

  132. Jingels, can you do a T92 gameplay? Thanks

  133. At 33:20 the Wespe got the t-50, not the stugIII

  134. Nevermind, I heard you correct yourself, Fail on my part

  135. 40:50- The end= absolute Fail!!!!

  136. In my tier 4 grile, I consistently deal 200+ damage in tier 8 battles.
    Don’t tell me I can’t kill anything

  137. Arty should stop hiding

  138. Big thx for defending arty! I’m often driving them and it is so annoying
    when team focks up and blame us! and it is happening very often:/ I always
    try to comunikate with my team but when they ignore my reqests and advices
    and do stupid moves… argh I hate this!

  139. 88grab i like you commet i play arty a lot

  140. 17:55 ive seen that, and the worst thing was that a friend who have never
    played arty or WOT before also managed to hit a moving T-50-2

  141. Holy fuck iam in one of this matches….painful to see 😀

  142. Jailhouse Bradley

    Fail? I’d buttfuck you with my arty any day like that.

  143. i HATE artillery. only because im terrible at it, but i hate it nonetheless

  144. i try not to blame artillery unless they really have done nothing or are
    just being stupid

  145. on 4:54 nothing strange happened…american arty have major problems
    stopping when going downhill…i’ve expierenced similar situations on my
    skin numerous times…really crappy thing

  146. good gameplay

  147. Arty isn’t boring at all. 🙂 I thought so before, when I was a total noob
    and couldn’t play it well. But now, half a year later I really like it. 🙂
    And those were awesome artys at the end! 😛

  148. Though haven’t played with me for a while 🙁 Like Simon and Garfunkel would
    say, “When evening falls, so hard 🙁 I will, comfort you :)”

  149. *lol* That can be remedied you know. 😉

  150. Mikael Ødegaard

    Everyone should try artillery or at least see how it works. This is the
    first time I have seen artillery play and I actually think my playing style
    is going to change a bit to more patience.

  151. L-ected productions

    Hi great video love to watch them. I’m very noob so you’ll have to excuse
    me if i sound dumb, but in the third match aound 18:35 you mentioned the 3
    heavies just sitting there doing nothing. What should you do as heavy. Are
    you like an attacker or are you more made for defending tanks that try to
    spot your arties. I thought heavies were for defending and since no enemy
    tanks were trying to spot the arties there wasnt a lot to do for them at
    that time. So, what could they improve on?

  152. I just got the hummel and I’m shitting bricks when I play my hummel

  153. The grille did 5 more damage than an average roll.

  154. you should find the right time to put ur armour to use and then attack head
    on…at least that works superd in my heavys

  155. Heavy’s are for heading spearheads against the enemy. Think of it this way,
    you team is a spear, The Heavy tank is the head that pierces the enemy, the
    lights are the shaft that deliver damage (not necessarily a kill) to the
    enemy. (just so you know the tank destroyers are snipers and the arty’s are
    the bowmen). When the heavy isn’t in the front he’s not defending anything,
    he’s a waste of space on the team.

  156. L-ected productions

    Thanks for the information 🙂

  157. np, after further reading maybe i should clear something up. Heavy’s do
    defend, they just do it by pushing the enemy away from objectives. The game
    is center around objectives, like take that hill, stop the push down the
    middle (this is why the mini map is so important and awareness of what’s
    going on in that map). Take those objectives better than your opponent and
    you will win.

  158. Can I send in a replay or two?

  159. L-ected productions

    Thanks again, hope i can finally win one match in my kv-1 xD

  160. u know what jingles, i let my Teacher (yes teacher) use my account for 1-2
    Battles, and he hit a moving T-50-2 With my Hummel while the T-50-2 was
    going at 60+ Km/h

  161. My strategy is (when im playing as a heavy tank, specifically the Tiger
    series) PROTECT ARTILLERY!!!!

  162. yeah im playing at 50% crews and on a standard account it is horrible 🙁

  163. That game on 10:30 wow Artillery teamwork is so rare but so beautiful when
    it happens :3

  164. Yesterday I played my third day ever in this game in a Soviet Tier 2 Arty.
    I’m getting pretty good at arty too, even getting praise from my team
    mates. This was in Himmelhoff, or whatever, the town with the train. I was
    last one standing against a tank destroyer, so I went to cap north. I knew
    where I last saw him was west, so I parked facing west against the southern
    part of the circle. He came in just as expected, I missed, he missed. He
    came around to ram and I nailed him. I’m very proud, as you can tell.

  165. Wish I could find my damn replay folder so I can submit.

  166. that last replay was the best lol dancing arties

  167. +BohemianEagle You mention an “amazing T57 game” in this video. Have you
    actually ever shown that? I never saw that I believe. Was that one of mine?

  168. the wespe killed him

  169. the wespe killed the T-50

  170. ‘The team isn’t even winning. It’s 9-7′ That’s Jingles’ optimism for ya…

  171. all of these: why arty was nerfed.

  172. grille is t5 now right???

  173. Yeah the tier 5 artillery have awful reload time

  174. ‘woudnlt be a kill but would wreck MODULEs and crew’ if he destroyed ammo
    then boom.

  175. 31:9 and 39:31….40:45very funny…..also i like it when u chuckles…

  176. Ender Slaughter

    I know right!!! I buy 75% crews though.

  177. Michael1171 MW Gamer

    i never did play tier 4 arty i went to 3 to 5 no free xp ether

  178. is it bad that my only ace tanker badge is in the su 18

  179. “tits on a fish”

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