World of Tanks – Replay Contest – Even More Artillery!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

If you have a you’d like featured, feel free to send it to I can’t promise a reply or that I’ll feature it, but I do look at them all and you never know your luck.

System Specs: 3.07Ghz i7 CPU, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 480GTX graphics card, running at 10×1080 resolution.

Mods used:
Crosshairs with Reload Timer:
Demoles’ Damage Panel:

Intro music from “Epic Rock Instrumental” by Farhan, used with permission


  1. On last video I asked you if I can send you some of my games, not for
    contest. No response, does that mean no?

  2. Thanks for the great work Jingles am a fairly decent player and I learn a
    lot from these replays thank you again

  3. Thanks for the great work Jingles am a fairly decent player and I learn a
    lot from these replays thank you again

  4. The description gives you the anwser! 🙂

  5. Oops, I try to answer every question but some of them slip through, and
    yeah, description answers that question for you. 😉 This contest’s over
    anyway, might want to save especially good replays for future contests,

  6. The S-51 has good enough mobility, with clutch breaking and the skill for
    driving over softer terrain it is as nimble and graceful as a KV-1. You
    should see an SU-14 trying to move though! 🙂

  7. Funny you saying the GW Panther almost has a turret. You know the big
    circle ‘disk’ looking thing on the back and on the GW type E? That was
    designed in real life to deploy under the spg and make it a turret, the
    whole spg becomes a turret. Kinda wish they’d implement that, but would
    take time to relocate as you’d have to pull that thing up. Anyway I better
    see a T92 ‘doom bringer’ replay.I didn’t know about this contest till it
    was over.Have a T92 on rth skills and it brings the pain, 2410 exp

  8. I think I could have a T29 battle that would have a nice home in your
    heartbreaker folder.

  9. I actually can’t recall seeing a single T92 replay submitted. 🙁

  10. jingles, i love how you say “Geschützwagen” 😀 haha

  11. Just a quick note to say watch out for a guy called Michael7svk- the twat
    killed four guys on his own team. Complaint put in, but worth just letting
    you guys know.

  12. AMX-13F3 has horrible aiming time. Only M41 has worse (but it loses less
    accuracy when moving gun/hull than AMX). Dmg is the same as on other tier 5
    arties (only SU-8 has different). The “less dmg, faster reload, good
    accuracy, fast aiming time” thing starts at tier 6 in french arty tech tree.

  13. I had one awesome S-51 replay, but I dont know why I didnt send it to you.

  14. That explains a lot.

  15. The first replay was awesome. I have never saw anyone to kill two tanks
    with one artyrelly sshoot!

  16. HazyShadeOfCriminal

    After the contest i just got so many great games, AFTER….. goddamnit….

  17. Arty party

  18. Jingles are you sure you didn’t see any T92 replays? I checked and my T92
    replay was in the same e-mail as the Chaffee game from Steppes that you
    already showed… Russian tier 6 arties are fun as they can one shot kill
    most tier 9 tanks but nothing beats the feeling when T92 HE shell
    penetrates… Just today in CW killed T110E4 from full health (that poor
    guy got 2 xp from that battle)

  19. Jacques-Hendrik van Aswegen

    so beheiman eagle what is the E100s curent state in your opinion i want the
    tank realy bad caus i almost had it in US server moved to Eu server (got
    the KV1S maxed out and the tiger in less than 1200 batles TEEHEE )and i
    want the E100

  20. The 13 F3 is exceptionally good at bouncing shots… Even when I was in
    mine… odd

  21. I like it, but I’ve pretty much not played since 8.2 came out and played
    very little since 8.1, too busy with this contest, so no idea how it stacks
    up against the new tier 10s.

  22. Jingles your awesome. I love when you say Headshot. I dont why but it
    sounds great 🙂 and the second and funny thing was at 28:05 “he’s about to
    get E-75 ed 🙂 Awesome.

  23. not su8, its su5…

  24. screamingdizbusters

    16:42 looks like that shot bounced off a baguette

  25. screamingdizbusters

    Also the amx13 F3’s gun is functionally identical to the hummel’s gun

  26. that t 50 was an absolute hero that won is team the game

  27. I wonder who whe winner will be, and I am looking forward to see that
    replay. All of these replays was really good. I just filled up my
    “heartbreaking replays” folder today, actually yesterday 😀

  28. I believe that 2 kills in one shot grants the “Bombardier” medal.

  29. That’s exactly the word I was looking for.

  30. BohemianEagle, may i ask if you have an opinion on the 8.2 New Tanks,
    specifically the British Varients

  31. Wow ive never seen a double kill in WoT before.

  32. Nothing like getting one shot by arty to make you chew up your keyboard!!!!

  33. So I played this game in my T18 with howie, pwning some noobs. Campinovka,
    I got bored, so I rush it. Some camping dude appears and just for fun I
    autoaim him and pull the trigger. Shell missed him by three barns, but it
    instakilled invisible jagdpz I… and I still got myself topgun, as per
    usual in T18, infamous pram of doom. Is that worth sending to “LoL”

  34. You forgot how the AMX-13F3 has the best pen in tier 5.

  35. If it’s funny then yeah, why not?

  36. Jingles, I got myself a StPzII and I wanted to ask you, what is you opinion
    about it?

  37. Refreshing to see some good games, i actually gave up for today, for what
    must have been my worst wot day ever, after loosing like 20 battles in a
    row. I would have thought to at least win at random, but why should i

  38. Why is it that in “Dave’s” replay and in a light tank replay i saw the
    camo-net seems to be active all the time? replay-issue?

  39. Yeah, it’s a replay bug under certain editions of the game engine.

  40. Ouch!

  41. I liked it. All the tier 2 and 3 artillery are really good performers in
    their own ways.

  42. Ya, WG explained this in a video. the tier 4 french arty aims fast and
    fires fast, but the t5 is like the other typical SPGs. Then at tier 6, they
    go full frenchy. A weird dynamic in my opinion, sort of like the huge
    lorraine between the tiny 13 90 and the small batchat.

  43. Should be worth a giggle. 😉

  44. no batchat 155 game plays? I thought it was very popular!

  45. Thx for the reply… Looking around the wikia looks like the StPzII only
    stand out for 3 things so far: 1st: Gun elevation which is +65°, while the
    others fall between +42°/+45°. 2nd: Premium shell has 228mm of penetration,
    Su-26 come in second with 160mm. 3rd: 15cm gun put to good use the splash
    damage to kill some crew and damage some tracks. I must say, the only thing
    this SPG is good for, is hitting tier VI with HEAT shells. Otherwise, it
    needs 7 shots to cause 167 of damage against KV-1.

  46. I wouldnt call that good scouting, looks to me like suicide scouting gone

  47. Are you eating something when you do commentaries ? Because it sounds like

  48. Su-18 -_-

  49. Only legitimately overpowered tank in game.

  50. Hey Jingles! I just had what may be My best game ever in my Jumbo Sherman!
    I sent the game to you a few minutes ago and I would like to hear what you
    think…after all it was YOUR videos and what I learned from them that made
    that game happen!

  51. Well the reason why the tier 5 french arty according to you is slow is
    because it is, it has the worlds worst acceleration, even on flat ground
    and even worse when going up a hill

  52. Any opinion on the Russian T28? The T46 was a pig, even with the 45mm. Its
    fast, but paper thin armour. Is the T28 the same?

  53. Any opinion on the Russian T28? The T46 was a pig, even with the 45mm. Its
    fast, but paper thin armour. Is the T28 the same?

  54. It’s good fun, but wait till you get Grille – it’s awesome!

  55. T-28 has paper thin armour, is a bit slower, but has a VERY good gun, in my

  56. My highest damage with a S-51 was 1940 on a T-62A, but oneshotting a E-75
    was also prette funny 🙂

  57. since the KV-5 is available in the Gift shop atm, i would love to see a
    review of it=) (maybe the FCM 50 t too?)

  58. Yeah……Judging by the number of shots it takes, and the tiers it get in,
    I am really outclassed. That might be down to my lack of skill. I try and
    duke it out, and always come off second best.

  59. Ok off topic, I accidentally converted my replays to a different viewing
    format, how do I change them back to the wot original viewing format?

  60. Without knowing exactly what you did, all I can suggest is making sure
    they’ve still got the .wotreplay file suffix.

  61. If I said that I clicked “open with Internet explorer” would that help?

  62. Sounds like you set the .wotreplay file association to windows explorer
    instead of WoT. Right-click a replay, select “Open with…” make sure World
    of Tanks is the default programme.

  63. I find it surprising that you praise the tier III artillery so much and in
    one of the previous videos mentioned that you didn’t enjoy the French tier
    IV AMX 105AM. Though I am something of a noob, I found the french tier III
    Lorraine an absolute suffering to play due to its horrible accuracy (though
    my crew might be at fault as well) terrible aiming and reload times and low
    mobility. On the other hand the AMX is a walk in park to play with the
    better gun. Fast, accurate and packs a punch.

  64. It won’t let me change it to world of tanks

  65. Jerry´s Let´s Plays CZ

    in stpz II i can clearly mash up tier V heavy. you must only aim to up of
    turret. 🙂

  66. Ok, sent it, have a good one!

  67. 16:45 it bounced off a blanket!

  68. I’m actually with you on that one. Loved the SU-26, loved the Wespe, not
    played the M37 so can’t comment on that, but the LAM seemed to suck in
    comparison to the other two for me as well.

  69. Sounds like you don’t have administrator privileges, and with that we’ve
    reached the limit of my ability to help, sorry.

  70. 20:40 a french tank running no surprise there

  71. Watched more than 20 of your videos the last few days. You have a new
    subscriber! I might get into a contest someday.

  72. To bad every one nod their mom uses the SU-26

  73. And their mom lol

  74. Just for your consideration 10:40 They Eagle Eye perk doesn’t work in
    artillery strategic mode. It only works in arcade mode with targets that
    are in your view range. All that makes it pretty useless perk on an arty

  75. hey Jingles… do u change a perk without changing ALL the perks?

  76. Awesomedude81000

    Wow thats a very good shot

  77. Awesomedude81000

    Hummel is the best teir 5 arty, it just is

  78. Hi im Davecreep999 and i have donated random things from the giftshop to
    people who i played a game with that realy deserved it and i would like
    something back as im out of money to buy me a KV-5 🙁 Hope i can but will
    some1 help me? Thanx for reading

  79. David, what you are doing is great, I would love to help you but i am out
    of money as well since tax day was today, I cannot. I wish i could help you
    because there aren’t many people doing what you are doing. I wish you the
    best of luck in getting your KV-5.

  80. I think it’s pretty good. 🙂 I have it and it works fine for me. The
    accuracy is a bit meh, but then it’s arty so. And it still hits more oft
    than not as long as you really aim.

  81. Thanx for telling! 🙂 I didn’t know that. Though on the other hand one
    basically looks at the map all the time with arty. But yeah. Good to know
    so I won’t get it.

  82. No worries man;) Have a good one!

  83. Thanx! 🙂

  84. my world of tanks doesnt even open, it just tries to load, then goes white
    and closes

  85. i miss this map

  86. shame i didnt know how to record games cause i had an su-8 and i got 54,000
    credits and 1 333 exp

  87. I loved the Wespe, but I didn’t much like the M37. Inaccurate and slow
    reload. Powerful gun, but I couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with it.

  88. Wish I had recorded my recent arty game. Wasn’t so much what I did
    individually, more of what teamwork can do when we were at a serious

  89. lol you killed me

  90. I’ve had better. My Tiger II kills the entire team, while a Hetzer takes
    out everything but me.

  91. And yes it was an enemy hetzer.

  92. I miss arty….

  93. do you like the bison because it’s a tier 3 now after update 8.6

  94. Eagle eye perk works in Artillery view? o.0`

  95. And then there was patch 8.6

  96. birch gun has a turret but that was just added

  97. just wanted to add a big TY to u for all ure hard work and please santa can
    i have this small gift for my xmas 🙂 Poland unveils ADVANCED STEALTH Main
    Battle Tank Obrum PL 01 better than US military M1 abrams

  98. The su-5 had no ammo

  99. If I played this game, I would choose artillery. But… I would play it
    differently. Since good players look for artillery rounds, why not use the
    artillery tank as a normal tank? It does have more damage than a normal

  100. The Black Cat Sakamoto

    Why relocate?

  101. Su 26 is shooting gold ammo

  102. I do not like Arty in this game tbh im not sure why there een in world of
    Tanks!!! great vid tho jingles Big Fan

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