World of Tanks – Replay Contest – Medium Winners

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Yes. Winners. With an β€œs”.


  1. nice jingles now you are finally finished! πŸ˜€ u really did mutch in the
    last two weeks and it was very nice to watch and i had lots of fun but dont
    forget to have fun to so maybe take a break make something with your
    friends or family πŸ˜‰

  2. what are you gonna do next?

  3. Congrats to the winners !

  4. Good job Jingles, you deserve a vacation

  5. Can we ecspect a new LOL video soon? i really like those :3

  6. My immediate plans are to take a break for a week or so. Then it’s back to
    the usual – reviews, LOL videos, Fail videos, replays etc. There’ll be more
    contests in future but nothing as big as this. Oh, and watch out for a
    Replay Contest Artillery Extra in a day or two.

  7. Thanks for the information πŸ™‚

  8. TheUltimateNinjaNoob

    Why cant be every batchat driver like this guy -.-

  9. Wow, both of these winners were awesome! Congrats!

  10. Aw damn my PZ III replay wasn’t featured. :/

  11. Happy Christmas, Jingles!!! Thanks for putting all the great videos

  12. There was one particularly good PzIII game that almost made it πŸ˜‰

  13. I hope you will feature it one day πŸ™‚

  14. Happy Holidays there Jingles! Thank you for the videos!

  15. Do fail videos or fun video get gold give always to ?

  16. Great games by both. Enjoyed watching them very much.

  17. that’s great i just sent you my arty replay video πŸ˜‰

  18. Roald Ankaa Ziggy Adriaansen

    Nice replays, congratz to the winners πŸ™‚ I’m a bit disappointing mine
    wasn’t shown, but for anyone who would wish to view it (including full
    commentary), do check out my channel πŸ™‚ I consider it to be quite the good

  19. I recon that was mine, was it a 10 kill 1000 damage game on mines?

  20. 2 winners, merry christmas siemkas!

  21. I can’t remember, it’s now in a “Fun Games” folder with about 400 others πŸ˜‰

  22. Your T-44 game on Murovanka could just as easily have been in the roundups,
    but I just didn’t have time to show all the best games.

  23. At 5:50 you said about how instead of shooting the front of a KV1 you
    should flank it and shoot it’s side, but in my experience I’ve found it
    much easier to pen the front of the kv1 than anywhere else as it’s just as
    well armored as the sides but doesn’t have the tracks to absorb your shots

  24. If you’re close/accurate enough to hit that strip of flat armour above the
    above glacis, sure. If not, the side is just as thick and it isn’t sloped.
    He also has to turn his turret to do anything about you, and that takes him
    time. Depends entirely on the circumstances, though. πŸ˜‰

  25. 2nd prize game, his team mates showed tremendous sportsmanship in letting
    him clean up the arty for his 10 kills πŸ™‚ Great game Sofair and congrats to
    his team for being gentlemen and or ladies! Also great series Eagle,
    enjoyed every minute of it πŸ˜‰

  26. Thanks for doing this BH, thoroughly enjoyable and 2 epic players to finish
    with,well done guys. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

  27. Thanks jingles.. What does posthumously mean???

  28. Both winner replays where really awesome. You have done good job on these
    videos Jingles. Hope so see more videos of you driving in the future. But
    more replays will be welcome too as long as your commentating them, im good.

  29. Both winner replays where really awesome. You have done good job on these
    videos Jingles. Hope so see more videos of you driving in the future. But
    more replays will be welcome too as long as your commentating them, im good.

  30. hey again did u find the link i asked for,dont mind if u cant find it

  31. Basicallily recieving honors after you die πŸ™‚

  32. Sorry, not 2nd prize, Sofair’s equal 1st game lol

  33. It’s a word describing an award to a person that is no longer with us

  34. Sofair is winner for me, because he didnt trashtalk.. and also im from
    czech republic:)

  35. was such a nice contest πŸ™‚

  36. where can i get the sight

  37. Arrrg, WHY on earth did you not include my 10 kill Matilda game? Is it too
    op :P?

  38. Merry Christmas Jingles and have a good couple of days off πŸ™‚ See you in
    the new year!

  39. It means “after death” basically. Medals are awarded posthumously to
    soldiers who dies while doing the deed they got the medal for.

  40. Christopher Montealvo

    Pack it was probably because you used a premium tank which are OP

  41. The previous 10 kill Bat chat game was far better than both of the winners

  42. Marry Xmas!

  43. 43:43 The T34 driver complains in chat in german about slingshot “right,
    waiting dont help and than talk big unbelievable”

  44. ive been gone from wot for 3 months now. i just want to know whats up with
    the pz4 turret?

  45. I loved the T-34-85 when it had the 100mm gun! But now it sucks and that is
    sad! :/

  46. Well they removed it and the L/70 from the PzIV and left you with the L/48
    instead. Then they put it back in at tier 6 with worse matchmaking and
    demand gold from you to use it.

  47. lost that Vader turret for a “Buffed up” stock turret that only gets spaced
    armor over the stock one, which is good for nothing…

  48. david vs goliath? I got a ELC Amx game where i took out an VK4502 Ausf. B…

  49. The only fun on the pzIV now is being top tank with the howitzer, and
    shooting them with AP rounds. Actually, I think thats the only difference
    between the american sherman and the german one: AP shell on the howitzer…

  50. good guy bohemianeagle, can’t decide the winner so why not give them both
    the prize xD

  51. I like it better now They exchange of gun to engine made the T34/85 into a
    true medium instead of a wanabe sniper with an aweful gun It was just too
    sluggish before

  52. like what happend with the winner but the opposite? haha, that would be fun
    but the opposite!

  53. Mad Hatters in jeans

    I think i would have struggled to pick a winner between those two guys too.
    Although sofair didn’t talk trash in the chat i suppose this is a replay
    contest not manners contest. Thank you for showing these replays Mighty
    Jingles, i don’t know what to do with my spare time now :p

  54. Now I want an E50….

  55. 15:29 “Tier 8 Replay” Since when are the updates in Tiers?!

  56. Hey Jingles, on the official WoT site, Wargaming calls the Lee an
    “extraordinary US tier 4 medium” LOL.

  57. Jingles, MERRY CHRISTMAS! I don’t think anyone has said that, HAPPY

  58. If you’d been paying attention even half as well as you think you did,
    you’d have spotted the text at 15:20 right in the middle of the screen nine
    seconds before I said it and saved yourself the effort.

  59. I actually have an evil plan for the next contest. You’re all going to hate
    me, I’m going to make you ALL suffer. :p

  60. What a nice thing to do Jingles, 11000 gold given away.

  61. Darren DaiGalean Scott

    My partner and I appreciate the work you put into doing these videos. Keep
    up the very good work Jingles.

  62. Both winners on Sieg Line.. Interesting. The Line was (Historically) gonna
    be a worse tank battle than Kursk. The T95 was designed but bever used to
    be a ‘siege gun’ in that battle. Allied aircraft and lack of supplies
    caused the true battle to never occur.. thankfully! Anyway, is a hard map
    and a .. well what do I say.. Strategic isn’t he right.. It’s a very easy
    to Humbug/Bamboozle people

  63. The Slingshot guy sounds a bit like a dick, calling his team “shit” and

  64. BTW, BigDogg you are still a psycho. Please never play against me.

  65. Wow, you are right. What an ass.

  66. That was entertaining, Jingles. Happy holi-daze and have a great new year!

  67. Nice…enjoyed all the replays…..many thanks πŸ™‚ Happy new year

  68. Fastest suicide contest?

  69. He’s not wrong. It was something like 5 on one at that end and that usually
    comes from a not so great team.

  70. I find it bitterly hilarious when people re. morons, keep claiming there is
    no anti-German/pro-Soviet bias in WoT. The PzIV and the SU-85 are prime
    examples of this bias. How long was the SU-85 allowed to keep the 107,
    historically INACCURATE to boot? Then the standard 85 wasn’t enough they
    had to try and turn it into a Soviet StuG with a second 85.

  71. All the while the PzIV first had it’s hull traverse fucked up and wasn’t
    fixed till the next major patch 2 months later then it was unnecessarily
    nerfed and for what reason? To make a shit tier 6 gold tank.

  72. Merry Christmas! I’ve got to start recording my replays…I just got a 2550
    xp game in my E-75 a couple days ago and a 2400 xp game in my Patton a bit
    before that!

  73. The E50 got 2 bounces at his ass? Wtf?

  74. Many Russian tanks are OP :-

  75. I just got SP and i saw that if you aim the gun up that the turret weakspot

  76. Is hard to hit. Even for kv5s

  77. Can I send you bit older replay ?

  78. Can I send you bit older replay ?

  79. I finally agree with Jingles choices, seems like mediums are really your

  80. Slingshot here, I’m honoured you picked me, well me too and thank you very

  81. Was 1 critical on my bum from a t20 but that’s it.

  82. Now when you are done can you make some T5 premium tank reviews? πŸ™‚

  83. Sadly you open up turret ring.

  84. lol historical accuracy. This game has played extremely fast and loose with
    historical accuracy across all tech trees. The Tiger never mounted the 88
    L/71, the StuG never mounted the 75 L/70, the M103 never had a 105mm. Hell,
    some of the tanks in the game never even existed beyond drawings on some
    engineer’s desk. As an avid German tank player in game, I’ve never felt at
    a disadvantage playing against any other tech tree’s tanks, including the

  85. Awesome games πŸ˜€

  86. Holy fuck*ng shit! Thanks Jingles! I did not expected this. I think that
    Mountain pass game was a bit better than this one because I was much more
    lucky in this one but still thanks a lot! I can finally buy a camo for my
    Batmobile! πŸ˜€

  87. 2 months of gg’s. Congrats to all the winners. Applause for Jingles for an
    awesome job. ty.

  88. Terminator driving an E-50? That has to be the next movie. Terminator gets
    sent back in time to kill Hitler and then battles Mecha-Hitler in a E-50.
    Fuck yea.

  89. Thanks Jingles, just thanks for all these super, super AWESOME videos!

  90. Whe have to say thx! You so deserved that break. Well i enjoyed every
    replay contest thank you for every single game you showed. o7

  91. Really? Even with the IS-3/IS-7’s bullshittium side armour that they refer
    to as ‘spaced’? Even with the bullshit accuracy of German guns that were
    able to IRL 1-shot a Shermie out to 1.8km yet try to snipe at anything past
    150 metres and you’ll usually bounce or miss. And yes I agree they do play
    fast and loose with ‘historical’ accuracy. They use that excuse or ‘game
    play balance’ when it suits their agenda.

  92. Good choices:)

  93. Absolutely amazing job with this series jingles, loved every minute of it!
    Enjoy your break!

  94. 2 very good choices for winners there congrats to both winners. And once
    again thanks for all the work you put into this jingles.

  95. I NEED HELP! i want a tier 8 premium moneymaker, and im thinking about
    superPershing, while it is only 6kgold, what is your opinion and rewiev

  96. the first guy was epic

  97. Ulfgar-Septimus von Stahlenberg

    TopTier in E50 + Brain = dominating automaticly I had a game once, in which
    a got 30 hits, killed 7 Tanks an survived with 50% HP. It is realy easy,
    you just need luck with MM.

  98. So Jingles now that you’re done with this contest are you going back to
    garage reviews?

  99. Don’t care who is the winner’s all of them are good..

  100. -Not Jingles but will answer anyway- The super-pershing is not the greatest
    of the tier 8 Moneymakers, Its gun isn’t quiet good enough to compete with
    the T34/Lowe… BUT… It is one of the single Funnest tanks to play in eh
    entire game, and cheap to boot, definitely worth your hard-earned cash :p

  101. Damn Jingles, it’s gonna take ages until you get to my hello email :p Well,
    you’ll get to it when you get to it. No rush. Loving the videos btw. Your
    voice is perfect for them. Regards, RelicShadow, former HB buddy

  102. Hi Jingles, Oh, it was so much fun to watch my game with your commentary.
    Congrats to all winners, my personal no. 1 driver of Tiger II, winner of
    haevys. Great job, Merry Christmas to all.

  103. Yeah, When I play W.O.T. I hear his voice lol

  104. You, Sir, deserve a medal

  105. That was awesome. Makes me want to play my BatChat again and finally unlock
    the good engine for the E-50. Thanks for the fun videos. Great holydays to
    you, you sure earned it!

  106. Jingles on the first replay if you leave the aim for a little while and I
    think your aim returns to the centre πŸ™‚

  107. Also I love the churchill:-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  108. The best gun is op πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  109. Yep, really. The IS-3/7/8 tanks all have fairly easy to penetrate armour if
    you know how to handle them. As for their spaced side armour, that’s also
    fairly easy to get around by simply knowing where it is. I’m also not quite
    sure about your accuracy problems to be honest. I’m quite fine with
    engaging at 300 + meters with my German tanks, something that I’m simply
    not able to do with most other vehicles (with the British tanks and a
    handful of the Ruskie mediums being the exception)

  110. Uhm The T29 Is really, really, really awesome. This is my meaning but I
    think that the T29 is maybe even better then some tier 8s!

  111. I really did appreciate this series. I also appreciate the work you did
    throw into this. Great WoT entertainment! Enjoy your time off. Merry
    Christmas and have a Happy New Year.!

  112. Really a terminator. He got hit, didn’t care, and then boom, enemy killed.
    Congratulations for the Player. The Batchat was awesome too. Thanks for all
    this fun, Jingles. Happy holidays

  113. Great contest, been watching all episodes. I just wish I coulda been in it
    with my Stock JPII :p /Xw8vaqrfY9U put up the replay anyway.

  114. typical IS-3 driver thinking that if their beloved Russian gun can’t pen a
    tank wherever they so please to shoot, it MUST be OP…I had an IS-3 driver
    say my T110e5 was OP because he couldn’t pen me. Tier 8 can’t pen a tier 10
    easily. ‘O RLY??’

  115. thanks for the great work BohemianEagle!

  116. Just try and hit the lower glacis of a IS-3/IS-7 head on from 150 metres
    and out. All you’ll do is either bounce or miss completely.

  117. Not only do both 75mm guns on the PzIV turn it into a German Shermie but
    also the 105 mini-derp. The Shermie can also mount a 105 mini-derp. It
    actually used to be pretty good before they nerfed HE. I had a 9-kill game
    in one as well as in my Hetzy with the German mini-derp.

  118. That range is actually the best range to hit the lower plate of those
    tanks, and it’s far from impossible. :p Besides, lower plate may not even
    be the weakest part of the IS series. The IS-3 in particular has two
    particularly exploitable weakspots (pike nose side plate and turret top)
    that I have used time and time again to put those upstart IS-3 drivers in
    their place. :p

  119. Centaur Productions

    I haven’t seen a lot of american mediums lately

  120. Don’t threaten us with foreplay, Jingles!

  121. my dad once got 13 kills in T82…..his team still lost

  122. o.O

  123. What’s even funnier is that IS-3 driver didn’t even hit him, he shot the
    rocks in front of him.

  124. Damn, i was hoping to see some of my own replays.

  125. What is the most accurate gun in the game?

  126. What is the most accurate gun in the game?

  127. I should actually start doing replays and save them on my completely open 3
    terabyte drive. Urghh im too lazy

  128. Well there’s your problem, the rocks are OP. Right?…sarcasm noted now.

  129. If there is anyone on the eu server who can speak English well, I have a
    question for u. Do u want free gold? If u join our clan THFS, and send us
    an application, we’ll let u join us in the treasures of CW, which just so
    happens to include pissing about…

  130. That where some awesome games. Wish I was as good as those players. On
    another note, what I find interesting is the medium replays are full with
    t10 tanks but on the heavy replays not a single tier 10 tank is in sight.
    How come?

  131. thanks for posting!

  132. E-50 game was utter evilness! the player must have a really ruthless
    attitude in gameplay because when that T-50/2 came round the corner, there
    was no kindness in allowing him to escape hahaha

  133. I got a question jingles can you show one of my replays after you long
    deserved breaks lol merry one day after Christmas

  134. 33:18 Very strange to find someone like that in a random battle

  135. It’s at this point where I refer you and the authors of the other 1023
    emails sitting in my Inbox to my standard disclaimer: “I can’t promise a
    reply or that I’ll feature it…”

  136. Sorry jingles door hounding you asking you to replays my videos, please
    take your break and just ignore my ass-wholish ways. Ps . Check a video
    called t44 comedy on fisherman bay. Too bad this guys didn’t submit a
    replay he would have won. I think!

  137. For….. Not door sorry

  138. Hey bohemian you should do more arty replays i know you stopped playing
    arty but give it another shot i just go my grille and i love it but your
    videos can make me better anyways when i play arty when we loose the teams
    always blame arty but just shrug it off because at the end of the day i
    know they couldn’t survive 2 mins without arty so plz give it another shot
    love your replays by the way πŸ™‚

  139. fan – fucking – tastic!

  140. that was some awesome driving by the panther and frenchy tank wow i got
    goosebumps during the replays lol

  141. Turret top? Unless you hit the cupola you’re not going to pen that turret
    from the front. Oh and with the IS-3 if you’re brawling with them you can
    pen the front slope in the sewer grate.

  142. You tell that to the poor IS-3 driver I took for a 1000+ damage in my
    Panther by shooting his turret, right above the gun mantlet. :p I’ve never
    found IS-3s to be particularly difficult to handle. They certainly aren’t
    bad tanks, but they are not over powered in the slightest.

  143. hey m8 say if u had 11k gold to use what tank would u get

  144. Good games Slingshot and Sofair! Well deserved wins!

  145. So awesome of Sofair’s team mates to hold their shots, and let him have his
    10 kills. Those guys in the T-62A’s deserve some recognition for being good

  146. Lorraine ramming Object was the wrong thing to do. Lorraine took much more
    damage. He should have just parked to his side and wait for the reload.

  147. I find the French tanks are not properly won, because he has in front of
    some game with 4or 5 shots noot good bet E75 good game

  148. Wow, that E-50 game was awesome!

  149. screamingdizbusters

    So… when will the SofairCZ and Slingshot medium tank fight for the death,
    face-off, battle-royal, fight to end all fights, winner takes all,
    extravaganza happen?

  150. The E-50 definitely took full advantage of probably the best matchmaking it
    could ever see and an entire enemy team that had a very small chance of
    damaging him, either from lack of gun or from lack of brains. I pray for
    matches like that.

  151. Let’s not forget that he was also hampered by a team consisting of mostly
    even bigger idiots who were half dead before almost anyone on his team had
    so much as damaged anything.

  152. Well… the enemy got 15 kills πŸ˜›

  153. Is this weird? , my friend , in a IS tier VIII tank , me in my Marder tier
    III , first game i went in with him , i killed an Tiger IV ( Aka King Tiger
    ) That was my wierdest game EVER

  154. How do i Record World of tanks games? cuse im gonna try and get in the Next
    contest or so , Do i use Fraps or something like that?

  155. you can set in the settings that you want to save replays and then they
    will be in a folder

  156. oh please let the next one be a teamwork competition, i have this great
    replay where me and my platoon mates just trounce the enemy team.

  157. So , After battle , or before battle u go in settings and , save replay?

  158. Before definitely,cos its like video recorder u cant start recording after
    movie πŸ™‚ Then u find em in your WOT/replays folder, about 1mb /battle .

  159. Two very worthy winners! Great job Jingles enjoyed watching these contest
    videos πŸ™‚

  160. yes when you are in your garage you go to menu in upper right corner. then
    settings and it should be in your game tab. i dont know for sure because i
    have another language and you should be able to check a box and start
    recording replays and those will be put in a folder automatically.

  161. Thx for help

  162. Oo! Arty Extras, let’s hope my AMX replays are in that one πŸ˜€

  163. great vids, happy new year jingles.

  164. I disabled AdBlock whenever I watch your videos but for some reason I see
    not ads? Did you not turn them on yet?

  165. type 59 is an easy target i have killed the with my little baws leo

  166. My fucked WoT don’t works anymore it says connecting and then boom! its
    says this : maybe your internetsettings are wrong or the server is

  167. Jingles, for the past month or so, we’ve been doing Replay contests. When
    do we get back to the normal tank reviews and gameplay from you?

  168. Hi, Jingles! Check out Gankalicious channel. He’s doing a “Pay to Win”
    experiment series. He is just going to use gold rounds and see how his
    stats change after a hundred battles. Have a happy New Year! Cheers!

  169. jingles, im wondering why don’t you ask people to send you the endplates of
    replay for patch 8.0 and beyond cuz people do wanna see how many exp and
    damage these players get for these amazing game

  170. Eagle will you be playing the world of warplanes and world of warships that
    wargaming are developing?

  171. guys plz report moht123 on eu server i have gotten in many battles with him
    and he teamkills around 2 to 4 people

  172. ProGamerCooldDude240

    Please next reapply

  173. ProGamerCooldDude240

    Please next replay competion in arty

  174. The world of tanks 8.3 test server is out jingles!!! Could you maybe do the
    batchat 155 arty reveiw on it please?

  175. Hey Jingles thanks for doing this contest i’ve learned alot from it and had
    fun watching the videos:)

  176. I need to post my video of me getting 11 kills in my Tetrarch on

  177. Jingles your videos are incredible in the way you include the community!
    Thanks for all the work you have done to bring not only myself, but the
    world of tanks community these videos! Thanks – BLACKHAWK117

  178. jingles you need to try the new and improved tier 10 chinese medium 121 on
    the 8.3 test server its really fun and it’s ass can bounce shots from
    jagdpanzer e-100

  179. Jingles can u add the xvm damage mod so we can see how much damage they do
    during the game?

  180. the love the E50 replay:) batchat is great too thx!!

  181. Jingles can i still send it some videos ? I just have a great gameplay with
    AMX 12t. And when is hw next replay contest?

  182. Jingles, will you make video about Pz III/IV? That tank deserves it.

  183. any chance you can do a TD contest also how do you submit videos for the

  184. He did….. And the closing date was a couple of months ago

  185. can I have a gift too? πŸ˜€ RSN:VictorProTank

  186. To Mr Jingles,just want to say many thanks for the hours of graft you put
    in to make world of tank what it is,not a wot play as such but ive had
    hours of fun and entertainment watching your clips,keep up the brilliant
    work,Merry Christmas and a happy none contest new year lol XD

  187. I juuuust love how WG “improves” the sound effects every patch making it
    worse. First we had freaking Buzz Lightyear doing the English voice over
    then we have our tanks now sounding like empty 55-gallon metal drums
    rolling down a cobblestone road and now we have arty rounds landing
    sounding like someone is firing dead diseased cows from a trebuchet.

  188. wish the light tank replay contest was still going on. had a game yesterday
    in my BT-2 where i got top gun (9 kills) along with sniper, defender, a
    lavrinkos medal and stole top gun from an enemy T18 when we were losing

  189. Sofair’s “sixth sense” of the battle (where he saved the arty) is what IMO
    differenciates the good player from the GREAT player- he not only thinks
    about his own tank and how to use it, he tries to put himself into the
    enemy’s tank as well and be one step ahead. Great replays, Jingles. Merry
    Christmas, Happy New Year and more players like that on our side πŸ™‚

  190. Jingles, did you play last weekend? I hope not, because the server is
    flooded with hopeless retards… out of the ~60 games I played this weekend
    I won 15… 15!!!

  191. The Mighty Jingles

    I’ve played maybe 12 games in the last week. In most of them, I’m the only
    one of two or maybe three players on my team who manages to get more than

  192. Hey dude. I like your all videos and your style of playing. But I’m here to
    ask you a question. Can u help me or give me link of one of those test
    servers. I tryed to Google it but no results. Ty vm πŸ˜‰

  193. hi jingles im struggling to put my wot replays on movie maker

  194. I was just making a joke. I did in fact see the text I just thought it was
    ‘LOL’ comment worthy. :3


  196. When are you coming back to youtube jingles?

  197. The Mighty Jingles

    Just check your local world of tanks portal page. I’ve also done a video on
    how to get onto the test servers.

  198. Y have u gone ‘cold turkey’?

  199. I look foward to when you start posting vids again

  200. Cmon Jingles ! The break is over πŸ™‚ do vids mate ! Its starting to get
    boring here …

  201. WOT has been unplayable for last seven days, only good thing about holiday
    special was half price on all equipment and crew training. So I have spent
    6 mln on equipment on all tanks got crew up or retrained and wait for end
    of holiday to play

  202. Dear Jingles, Are u Still going to do Fail of Epic Proportions? or any fail

  203. Jingles, I hope by last video you meant as in this specific contest!? Your
    videos are too awesome to give up completely! I’d be genuinely upset not to
    see a new one! Through starting out in world of tanks to where I am now
    I’ve always used videos on your channel that you’ve made for tips and help
    when I’ve needed it. So for that I’d like to say, “Thank You!” Also, I know
    its belated, but I hope you’ve enjoyed the Christmas break. Thanks again
    man, take it easy in the new year. πŸ™‚

  204. T20 was using the M1A2 gun, which is the reason he was bouncing.

  205. please tell me you didnt mean you were going to stop making videos πŸ™

  206. Awesome winners. Those two games were a joy to watch. Thank you! And the
    Cprl_Punishment enemy of slingshot just made the post-battle results even
    more enjoyable πŸ™‚

  207. Just met bubo_bubo in a battle today (he killed me) and Christmas and new
    years day is over-back to work!

  208. Hey guys, I know this should be for the forums but I can’t find anything
    and I thought you guys might be able to help. World of tanks used to work
    fine, but after this weekend it crashes on some maps.It allows me to log in
    but only works sometimes when I press the ‘Battle’ button. Most of the time
    it says ‘World of tanks has stopped working’. I have tried re downloading
    the game. Can anyone help me please? P.S I love your vids Jingles, keep up
    the good work

  209. WE WANT VIDS JINGLES! pritty please?

  210. Jingles, should i go for t110e5 or is7, who’s better and more fun to play?

  211. come back Jingles, we love you!!!!

  212. hey dude.. im a big fan of yours and i have a question… is it worth going
    on german tank destroyers?

  213. i was wondering if you could do a video on the e8 versus the e2 shermans
    (american)? thnx. and is getting the russian meds worth doing at the same
    time as the british and american meds

  214. Come on jingles, the New Year is already 4 days old, its time to come back.
    Like your work, the videos are awesome πŸ™‚

  215. I’m wondering if you’re missing making video yet πŸ˜›

  216. The Mighty Jingles

    SU-122-44 review on the way!

  217. 3 shots left, 3 artillery left- “You feelin’ lucky, punk?”

  218. hey, Hetzers gonna hetz XD

  219. Jingles, do you commentate after you watch the replays or on the first time
    watching? If after watching it once, you can act surprised damn well πŸ™‚

  220. Jingles, do you commentate after you watch the replays or on the first time
    watching? If after watching it once, you can act surprised damn well πŸ™‚

  221. ZoltΓ‘n Skrach

    “Superpeshing to the rescueeeeeee” coooool! X,DDDD

  222. I love the panzer4

  223. TheBattlefield530

    what a nice par of t62 who said he’s yours ha ha thx t62

  224. From the vids and the fact that he separated the into folders I’m pretty
    sure he watches them beforehand to determine what goes where. I think the
    surprise comes in because as I’ve found out, as your age increases your
    memory decreases. lol

  225. the friendly pz4 in the first replay was TK’ed jingles

  226. I think sofair should have been the sole winner… Slingshot was a tier X
    against some tier 8s and 7s who did not have much of a chance to pen his
    armour. But that’s just my opinion.

  227. Keep it up jingles

  228. batchat, well played E-50, mediocre playing, i could do better

  229. I wish I had recorded a battle that I had in my e8 got top gun 8 kills :/

  230. Can we/i still send replays to you? With/Without competition?

  231. what does the panzer 4 have over the panzer 3/4?

  232. eagle how do u watch ur replays do u go into the world of tanks folder?

  233. In your WoT folder there’s a Replays subfolder. Double-clicking on a replay
    file while the game isn’t running *should* load and run the replay. If not,
    just select Worldoftanks.exe as the file to associate the replay with.

  234. where at? i’ve also wondered the same thing. i can’t find it.

  235. The Mighty Jingles

    It’s usually C:/Games/World of Tanks/Replays

  236. figured it out, didn’t have the “record battle” active. lol. thanks though.
    and btw, also thanks for the tank videos. started playing this game 5
    months ago and your schooling helped me survive. lol

  237. AgainstTheSystem .ATS

    the bat only used gold ammo.wallet should consider in your
    tournaments only normal ammo users

  238. That guy in the T34 in the last battle has to be joking… he actually said
    (in german) that E-50 didn’t help anyone while the team was alive… right,
    it’s E-50’s fault that everybody died…

  239. Yeah that sounds about right for a random match.

  240. That BatChat only used credit ammo. APCR is credit ammo for tier 10 mediums.

  241. Hey Jingles, I have been wondering for quite a long time now… But when
    you are in a tank with an auto-loader and you have one shot left, how do
    you reload it??

  242. Because it was a joint winner game… you should have given each of the
    2500 gold instead of 5500.

  243. press the c key in your keyboard

  244. AgainstTheSystem .ATS

    Ohh,my mistake then.I only have a tier 9 medium and this one needs gold for

  245. When will the next world of Tanks replay contest come out

  246. I had actually bounced a IS 7’s shot in my tier 7 medium tank

  247. Hey jingles…can you do a maus review, thanks

  248. rinolove McfcIndonesia

    are is agame ?

  249. mighty jingles is amazing i love his vids what im only 12 and im using my
    dads account for ytube

  250. BuckyTheBeaver21

    this is a good video!!

  251. E50 boss

  252. Great Gameplays

  253. CZ/SK Like πŸ™‚

  254. How! The! Hell! do you manage to remember the names and specs of all the
    guns you see on enemy tanks, not to mention actually recognising them all?

  255. The Mighty Jingles

    Because I’ve played most of them, I’m a bit of a history buff and I’ve been
    doing this for a long, long time. πŸ˜‰

  256. wow… those two guys even told SofairCZ to reload and make it 10 kills and
    left the artillery to him as a present… just wow

  257. I love how the T-62’s let him get the 10th kill. That’s great sportsmanship
    and respect.

  258. Dylan Henneboehle

    lol he wins weed? “joint winner” lol

  259. Jingles, I regret turning my replays off. I’ve had two 8 kill games in my
    SU-122-44 so far, one of which I supported an IS and conquered tier 8s. I
    have screenshots… but, you don’t have screenshot contests do you? I have
    a good Lowe one as well. 7000 damage, 172 000 credits.

  260. The PZ IV is 1 of the tanks i really think should be better in the game =(
    Id say make it 2 pz ivs puff the current T5 Pz iv down 2 a Pz Iv F or G
    with Model D turret as stock and the G Turret as upgraded turret. And then
    a Pz IV model H with spaced armor and skirts for T 6. The Pz IV was a great
    tank and it was just as good as the sherman and the T34 and in many ways id
    say it was better. And it saw production through out the war something that
    not many tanks did. But in this game its crap…

  261. Timon Vandelannoote

    nice played with the Panzerkampfwagen 4 9 KILLS!!!

  262. at 1:50 it was actually the ally STUG who killed his platoon mate…..didnt
    no if u realized that!

  263. The E-50 driver was a bit of an ass by calling everyone noobs.

  264. im having terrible luck on my pz4 2nd gun and engine stock turret and
    tracks can you help me out

  265. WHen you are that good, and you get into a battle like that, you can
    basically say whatever you want.

  266. Pay to win game meh!!…

  267. That E-50 driver was not lucky, he was lucky as fuck. But still great

  268. That E-50 driver was not lucky, he was lucky as fuck. But still great

  269. Sofair’s match the T62A were just let hi kill the enemy Arty that he gets
    10 kills, the first Time i have seen such nice People in World of Tanks!

  270. What, nobody of the 2 Winners hat Premium Ammunition!

  271. Yes Czech Republic skill πŸ˜€

  272. Because after two years of playing the game, you tend to understand what
    weapons are what.

  273. GoatzAreEpic Maokai

    Hey jingles what is the best tier 2 tank with nice cannon? I am really bad
    at the game and wanna play some more instead of war tunher. love your

  274. Authoritah Figure

    I got 11 kills in my PzIV on the same map using the 105mm. I even have the
    replay but it isn’t compatible with the game client since it was a couple
    updates ago.

  275. the damage panel how and where instal

  276. Anyone notice the chat in the batchat game? @ 33:19 hats off to that t62A
    rarely do you see that in a random game….

  277. Watching these makes me wish I had a replay of my Pz S35 rapping up 11
    kills and getting 2218xp.

  278. Wish I had the replay of a battle in my M18 where I got 10 or 11 kills in a
    tier 8 battle

  279. yeah he’s one of those players that is REALLY good, but kind of a douche
    sometimes, which is understandable considering the amount of retards that
    are probably usually on his team

  280. Do you do commentaries on subscriber replays??

  281. Do you still have it? If yes, then send it. I think Jingles has all
    versions since 7.4 installed

  282. If I would choose between the batchat- and E-50 replay, the E-50 would come
    out as a winner for me. He really dominated the game and also didn’t play
    with premium ammo like the batchat did..

  283. Authoritah Figure

    How do I send it in? All I have is the WoT replay file is that alright?

  284. and he’s a badass

  285. I find it funny how people claim they got 10 or 11 kills ect.. but theres
    always an excuse about how they cant get it πŸ˜›

  286. Send it in. I’m sure Jingles can see/show it because he can obviously even
    show us games from patch 7.5 and such. That’s much older.

  287. Yes. Send the replay file. πŸ™‚

  288. Personally, I think the PzIII/IV is much better than the PzIV. Faster, same
    gun, much more mobility, though with slightly less armour. Love it! And I
    never use the Howitzer on any of them. Anyway, wooow, those guys are so
    awesome! Really great fun to watch! πŸ™‚ More contests plz!

  289. another good play ,, nowdays evrybody shoting gold

  290. The BatChat did not use premium ammo. APCR is normal credit ammo for tier
    10 mediums (i think). HEAT is the premium ammo for those.

  291. Authoritah Figure

    How do I send it in though?

  292. how do you have so much money ????

  293. Attachment – chose the replay file. Send mail. πŸ˜‰

  294. Authoritah Figure

    Yeah I know that, I need an email adress.

  295. Authoritah Figure

    I think i found it though.

  296. it’s in the description to almost all the contest
    replay vids.

  297. In the PzIV replay, the first platoonmate who died was team killed by the

  298. German Sherman rhymes

  299. Tier 8 replay? DURP

  300. I hope you get paid for this!! Otherwise… wow. That’s a lot invested in
    time and research for a lot of lost real-world time.

  301. Ooh okay, my bad!

  302. Authoritah Figure

    Feel free to look up my stats on the NA server, user name is AthoritaFigure.

  303. disinformatique

    He’s a Gnome Warlock, nuff said !!

  304. Well, he’s retiered,spent 2 years in the navy, probobly got paid a buttload
    and I’ll assume has a pension. That money might as well be invested in

  305. Overkill: MS-1 Vs Maus. Seen that happen with a derp platoon.

  306. @GoldDalek506 He actually spent 20 years not 2

  307. Wow, this video was actually up

  308. Loaded on Christmas Day

  309. i am the terminator πŸ˜‰

  310. Could you make Medium Tank Guide (Namely E-50) Im a mediocre player and i
    want to change that =(

  311. UltimatePotato .Dude

    Everything is possible if you are a war-nerd (like me for example)

  312. >lost real-world time >real-world >real

  313. logic fail. it happens when you lose yourself in the gaming work too much.
    good luck.

  314. 14:08: HURRAA, for the motherland! πŸ˜›

  315. 22:54 I love how the kv4 calls him a noob even though ozziriq’s wn7 is more
    than 200 above his.

  316. Sykaji just play more cautiously. Travel in packs with other mediums or if
    placed in a higher teir match, play a support role. It just takes more
    practice and you’ll get better overtime

  317. Just noticed (because I got the same achievement in my StuG a few days
    ago)…but that Czech player who won in the Bat-Chat got a unique
    achievement for meds and TD’s called Pascucci’s Medal for killing 3 or more
    arty’s in one game. Pretty rare from what I can tell.

  318. Just noticed (because I got the same achievement in my StuG a few days
    ago)…but that Czech player who won in the Bat-Chat got a unique
    achievement for meds and TD’s called Pascucci’s Medal for killing 3 or more
    arty’s in one game. Pretty rare from what I can tell.

  319. Am I a noob if 70% of the fun I have in WoT is just running over things?

  320. There are still people who don’t understand that being a YouTube partner
    and entertainer has actually become a legitimate career in and of itself.
    In Jingles case he isn’t exactly a young guy. He might even be retired, in
    which case I can’t think of any better way to make some extra cash though
    his hobbies of all things.

  321. 34:35 Frenchy high five

  322. I love this t43 πŸ™‚

  323. Dear santa.. I want to platoon with the Mighty Jingles πŸ˜€

  324. I’ve never gotten that medal, and I’ve killed four arty in one game with my

  325. I never killed anything with the my t29 due to the horrible teams I get
    every single match 3 days 2 wins 13 lost

  326. Think Pascucci’s is for 3, and there’s another one for 4 and one for 5. I
    could be wrong on that, but I’ve got one for my StuG in a nice little T5
    game that was utterly effortless. Got the replay too.

  327. thumbs up for sofaircz

  328. congrats to the winners

  329. I really wish i had these tanks… tier 5’s and 4’s get boring after awhile.

  330. is the Panzer 4 worth the grind to get since i stop it quite a while ago
    and i got the Panzer 3/4

  331. well grind and get them… none of these guys got them by writin comments
    on youtube πŸ˜›

  332. first tank… I have the same Pz… it’s no surprise that he hit enemy 3
    times driving full speed.

  333. yea good point sorry.

  334. Pz4 is pretty accurate on the move. to compensate for its no armor. still
    one of my favorite tanks.

  335. lol, thx BohemianEagle for all your videos, you help me out alot

  336. Hey jingles. I recently started playing WOT, could you tell which tanks
    should i go for? P.S. Great videos

  337. Depends on your play style. But here are the basic characteristics for most
    tanks. US tanks: Great gun depression and all around mobility British:
    Fairly mobile (at higher tiers) good accuracy and high rate of fire French:
    Very fast ( at higher tiers again) and autoloaders :3 German: Very good
    accuracy and somewhat good penetration Soviet: High Alpha damage ( each
    shot does allot of damage) Chinese: Dont really know what they excel at but
    I would say they have a good balance of mobility armor

  338. he plays a lot :-p

  339. not churchil jingels cromvel jingles

  340. Thats the ugliest and wrongest choice ever of a character in WoW, I love
    it.Its almost as cool as a draenei death knight πŸ˜€

  341. Awesome stuff, love you’re videos.

  342. 1:41 the Platoonmate Panzer4 got naied by the own StugIII

  343. SzΓ©les BΓ‘lint Photography

    What is the name of this damage panel? I like it!

  344. SomeoneYouDon'tKnow

    so it’s the M3 Lee of WoW??

  345. in aoto loader tank’s,how do you reload while still haivng 1 ore multiple
    rounds in clip?

  346. press “c”

  347. The AMX40 you mean πŸ˜‰

  348. I know what you mean about the random games, was playing in my Type-T34
    (tier 5) last night, the enemy arty could see my whole team, which included
    4-5 tier 7 heavy tanks, which were in open ground, and they ALL focused on
    me. All 3 of them. My team won funnily enough, but I really felt like
    asking them why I was such a threat.

  349. Sort of, unless Warlock changed alot in Pandaria lol

  350. KV-1 ITS MEEE!!!!! F***K!!!!

  351. My name is jango_fett123

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