World of Tanks – Replay Contest – More Artillery!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I can’t promise a reply or that I’ll feature it, but I do look at them all and you never know your luck.

System Specs: 3.07Ghz i7 CPU, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 480GTX graphics card, running at 1920×1080 resolution.

Mods used:
Crosshairs with Reload Timer:
Demoles’ Damage Panel:

Intro music from “Epic Rock Instrumental” by Farhan, used with permission


  1. nice video jingles and when do you expect that you will get back to reviews?

  2. We’ll be getting back to our regular service in the New Year, I’m taking a
    break once the last contest prizes are handed out.

  3. Yay, more scumbags to kill!

  4. If i random started screaming “death from above!” every time i got an arty
    kill would jungles give me a prized cookie?

  5. nice video jingles

  6. Love your videos

  7. … arty can fire ap quite effectively…

  8. I’d have to declare you the winner of the whole internet.

  9. Got any more kick @ss arty i love watching them troll troll lah trool lah

  10. Nice video Jingles, these replays was really great, completely different
    from yesterday. Bubo_Bubo is really skillfull player. I suddenly need to
    hop into my Hummel and kill some tanks 😀 By the way, will there be an
    another contest in the future?

  11. Bwahahaha, ahhhh, I miss the times when arty repair didn’t cost as a Maus 🙁

  12. Thanks for showing my replay, much appreciated.

  13. when you said you were playing it at double speed i was like thats why
    there was a fast reload

  14. and by the way your laugh is the best laugh in the world

  15. arty is bad, m’kay?

  16. people going for “Battle arty” mode is always nice to see.

  17. Good job Jingles. Have to say, I probably wouldn’t be amiss if I said these
    arty replays have been the most fun to watch.

  18. Jingles, just so you know, french arty has non-existant splash. 99.99% of
    the time its either a miss or a hit lol. The splash radius in average is
    about 3 or so meters xD

  19. Jingles, AP rounds for arty have no tracer, and so can not be

  20. You deserve a break. I don’t want to imagine the amount of work you’ve put
    into this. Many thanks.

  21. 19:15 Jingles: “[…]There is no splash damage. You have to hit the target,
    you cannot miss, if you miss, you do no damage whatsoever… But if you hit
    it will penetrate!” Announcer: “We didn’t penetrate their armor!” ROFL!

  22. nice job on Karelia, trevor, reminded me of my m40/43 mvp game.

  23. lol Himmelsdorf is one of my fav arty maps, gives me an excuse to go TD
    mode full time.

  24. The mantlet on certain tanks like the E3 is made of bouncium.

  25. 19:25 …and it will penetrate -it didn´t penetrate their armor :DD

  26. Bouncium? Is that element a composite of Adamantium?

  27. Bouncium? Is that element a composite of Adamantium?

  28. Na, bouncium was discovered by the Russians.

  29. A beer, popcorn, and a Jingles video! A great end to a shitty day!

  30. If you wish to save yourself frustration and anger stay away from ‘murrican
    arty. Once you get past the Priest your pros (more alpha, bigger splash)
    are more than outweighed by the cons (slow traverse, slowest reloads,
    slowest aim time, worst accuracy).

  31. Is it just me or does the map for Prok, look like a great place to build a
    golf course?

  32. Yea, I can’t wait for the reviews to come back, especially with the
    addition of all these new tanks 😀

  33. Hey Jingles. Could you redo one for the FV4202 just because it has changed
    quite a lot since Test 1

  34. Jingles I assume that TrevorBailey used only HE because in french artillery
    there are only one regular ammo (HE) and two different premium ammo (HE and

  35. I have a suspision that Bubo_Bubo will be in the finals as well :-).

  36. Couldn’t agree more!

  37. Wow, french arty plays so much different from german, in terms of aiming
    and shooting

  38. GwPanther= GigawattPanther Gwtiger=Gigawatttiger Gw typ e= Gigawattpanther
    typ e

  39. Jingles, do you commentate with the video muted? Asking, because you seem
    to have a problem distinguishing hits, misses, 0 dmg hit and ricochets. Or
    is there another reason?

  40. Haha, you should see some S-51 AP madness too! 260mm pen and 1450 damage. I
    remember derping Mauses in those and taking off 50% of their health 😀

  41. Jingles, did you look at any of mine S-51 replays? I have sent 10+ good
    ones … 🙂

  42. Watching this and liking it, and at the same time feeling dirty for liking
    arty !

  43. Bubo was cool but the last one most awesome in my opinion.. 3 good arties
    in that one 🙂

  44. Would you make one on th Tier 7 DB? You stated it had a crappy weapon
    selection but, if tech tree isn’t changed, it will be sat in the best spot
    possible, joining one heavy tank line and two medium tank lines…

  45. Whenever I have a choice of targets with arty I always go for the noobiest
    tank e.g. A premium or a derp

  46. Not all Premium tank drivers are noobs. I my self have an M103, Obj. 704,
    and a M40/M43, but I also drive a Type 59, T34, and a T26E4 Super Pershing.
    With good win rates on my later end tanks. My win rates were of course
    garbage when I first started playing this game. I didn’t wise up to how to
    play until I was some where in my T29 or T32. Which was around the same
    time I got my first premium tank.

  47. Unfortunately, Jingles has said many times that he isnt going to look
    through a 100+ emails for each person that wants to know. He also said that
    if they wern’t features, they would either appear later on in the contest
    or in some Fail ,Epic Win or Fun match style video. Either that or he
    simply didnt like them.

  48. Oh man, that first match. There are many matches where it’s better to just
    kill everyone instead of capping, but that was not one of them. Still, nice
    to see those cocky KV-1S players getting what they deserve. 😉

  49. Me and my big mouth :p

  50. Now that I did not know! Thanks!

  51. It can just be our little secret.

  52. That last one was really fun to watch.

  53. Looks like the arty support in the last replay was coming off the hill, not
    from the guy by the rail station. It seemed life the tracers were coming on
    from the top of the hill at a very shallow arc, and there was also a
    GWType-E on the hill.

  54. Could be. I was kinda on the edge of my seat and mostly guessing there. 😉

  55. Hi Paul and Friends! Just to let you all know that I am having a blast with
    the game, all thanks to you guys. If anybody wants to buddy with me, please
    feel free to contact me-I am ColHoth (after the famous German General &
    Star Wars). I am still very much a noob, but I’m also just looking for pals
    for some great fun. I’ve not got voice chat, but if you feel like teaching
    a noob-get in touch Cheers guys and cya on the battlefield!

  56. T92 and AP rounds= GOOD BYE WORLD! lol

  57. whats the pen?

  58. Lee Hoiby mylastletterhome

    to those who shout no cap kill all plz watch the first reply…

  59. Picimaci szerint vicces ez a videó 😀

  60. 4:00 holy crap that was fast.

  61. Maybe I shouldn’t have said “noobiest” as that isn’t quite what I meant. My
    reason for going for the premium tanks is because I don’t agree with 1. WG
    having tanks that must be bought with real money and 2. people who actually
    buy those tanks.

  62. Did you say you dont like Himmelsdorf as arty! ? 😀 Really… thats the
    only map i want to play as arty 🙂

  63. yea AP makes me happy too when i 1 shot an E-75 from the side with my Su-14
    (well i can kinda 1 shot it too with HE but prefer to use AP in Close

  64. that t28 prototype is gonna feel that next game

  65. I rather like this particular Arty replay series.

  66. Thanx for telling us! 🙂

  67. I think I’m gonna enjoy my French artys. :3 I am enjoying them so far. I am
    only at tier 3 (though I can buy the tier 4 one now) yet. But seeing as
    they are so fast, yeah… I like that. 🙂

  68. … Mine too?

  69. Its funny exactly same time the same French Arty takes out 2 Russian tank
    on opposite teams craziness!

  70. never be stupid to stay with a artillery near a kliff than you get pushed
    by trollers :P

  71. Bubo Bubo is a freaking arty boss!!lol

  72. any arty that gets AP ammo can be considdered a TD on himmle becuase fo the
    punch they have.

  73. AAH, BUT JINGLES! More quickly or quicker? (just kiddin’, but I had to say

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