World of Tanks – Replay Contest – More Mediums!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I can’t promise a reply or that I’ll feature it, but I do look at them all and you never know your luck.

System Specs: 3.07Ghz i7 CPU, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 480GTX graphics card, running at 1920×1080 resolution.

Mods used:
Crosshairs with Reload Timer:
Demoles’ Damage Panel:

Intro music from “Epic Rock Instrumental” by Farhan, used with permission


  1. first!!!!!!!

  2. World of tanks, blank round up.

  3. first like, view, and comment 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Aaargh! Fixed :p

  5. Nevermind, Jingles sniped it before I could call him on it. 😛

  6. Jingles prevails to keep me not bored

  7. Wait, surely that should be World of Blanks? See what I did there? :p

  8. People who put things like “first” vid comments are usually pubbie morons.

  9. Can we platoon?

  10. How do you take a video of you game?

  11. Hey Jingles what advice could you give me for the T-34?

  12. 3001 Pee in that game didn’t have it that bad. I’ve been playing since
    pre-6.8 and I remember being in a T-28 facing IS-3s.

  13. Thanks for commentating my platoon game Jingles! That’s the one game I was
    hoping you’d do! Good games all around!

  14. Flank, flank, flank! Same armour all round, so keep it at a 45 degree angle
    when you’re not flanking and you can be Bounce City, Kansas in tier 5 games.

  15. The 3001P is NOT a bad tank, you want replays? I got replays! Managed to
    get a 55% W/R in mine all pub games, very good K/D ratio. I find the tank
    fun, since it has 2000 DPM and is very fast, the tank is fine, THINK Mr.
    JIngle’s You should try the tank out again, its gun!

  16. Oh you have to agree it’s one of the worst grinds in the game, and at the
    end of the grind you’ve got a huge target with paper for armour that’s fast
    in a straight line and has a mediocre gun. It’s probably better since the
    7.5 matchmaker change but so’s everything else. I did like mine, and I did
    quite well in it, but I was under no illusions that I was driving a good
    tank. :p

  17. Eagle, can you make a tutorial on how to send replays to you?

  18. Well……I used free exp to elite mine :3

  19. Just send it to his Email via description

  20. That bat chat replay was AMAZING!

  21. Okay thanks for that Jingles, merry christmas btw

  22. Prediction: Winner was driving an OP Russian Med T-54, or T-62A. He did
    7000 damage and got 11 kills! He also spotted the whole enemy team!

  23. I like that idea!

  24. “He comes up with a plan so cunning….” That you could pin a tail on it
    and call it a fox, yes, we heard that one before, Jingles. Thankfully you
    cut it short, so you didn’t really say that, but I would have found it
    hilarious if you did.

  25. lol when I saw the T110E4 all i could see to my platoon mates is, “Guys I’m
    fucked…” and right after that Magicsquid says to to me you “You lucky

  26. Holy crap sofair, nice job. Can’t wait to see winner, here I was thinking I
    did good, but these games blow mine outta the water.

  27. Hey jingles do u want me to send u my replay of my about 1375xp without
    premium game in my T-150?

  28. As I say to everyone who asks this question – feel free to send it in. But
    I’ve got almost 1000 unread emails sitting waiting for me to get this
    contest done, so don’t expect a reply, and even if I do use it, it could be
    months before you see it. 🙁

  29. hey jingles, did anyone other than me sent in m3 lee replays?

  30. hey jingles, did anyone other than me sent in m3 lee replays?

  31. guessin’ time, VK3001

  32. I can’t remember, there have been hundreds of replays and it’s taken me
    nearly two months to watch them.

  33. I did like mine too, and I did pretty well in it. the grind to elite was so
    horrible I just used free xp to get the tracks done, but once elited it was
    kinda fun. Not good tho, but still a fun tank to drive, which is a huge
    redeeming factor.Think about the HORRIBLE (and I mean it, horrible) JpPzIV
    which I too grinded with the old MM (&no buffed L70,which I’d have used had
    I had the chance to use a gun with a somewhat decent penetration). That one
    is a terribad tank and anything but fun to drive.

  34. Wish you can post all videos

  35. I had no idea that you could get up by that castle, the “sneaky little
    french bastard”

  36. Happy Holiday’s Jingles! Thanks for all the video’s this year! Best channel
    on the tube!

  37. Hey Jingels, Ive googled it to no avail but do you know why I cant see the
    stats on replays. Thanks in adv

  38. Stats? You mean the post-battle results? As of 8.0 they’re no longer part
    of the replay.

  39. I think I got to disagree about bad armor. For a medium tank, it can work
    well, and the front of the turret is 100mm reinforced by a thick gun
    mantlet that can hold many shots from tier VI. If you guys still want to
    say it’s armor is bad, go brawl against a PzIV(10.5), driving a 3001(h) on
    an even match. For me, if it can hold a derp gun, it is good enough. And
    believe it or not, my Ace Tanker game was after I demounted the 8.8cm for
    the short 10.5cm and walking away with 1146xp. Dat luck…

  40. I keep holding out hope my replay will show up. But at this point…im not
    holding my breath. :

  41. Jingles, Will you be covering World of Warplanes when it comes into open

  42. Bigbuckorama I know bro I sent in some amazing vids mostly arty and none
    have been shown I even sent some after asking to at least be featured…
    But you know he is busy.

  43. After hours of your uploads I felt it was time to say thanks your videos
    and the uncut free way you comment have giving me many laughs “what the
    hell are you doing muppet““another winner of the scout suicide lottery I
    bet hes mother is proud” “A t49 I bet hes gonna,yes he is the first to
    go”and a better understanding of the game, sometimes I feel more like
    watching you (not you on a chair shaking that ass) then actually playing
    the game. If you need a donation for a faster grind pls let us know

  44. Lol all this mediums killed every single tank nobody else on the team got a

  45. that 88mm L/56 is a good gun, its only a bad gun for those who dont know
    how to use it.

  46. Ooo, new TGN intro XD And Jingles, you remind me allot of TotalBiscuit :3
    (Which is a good thing!)

  47. When i had my 3001P i didnt get into tier 9 games.

  48. another great round up, i still am to c a jingles vid that disapoints me
    but i am quite sure that will never happen :), nice new intro
    thing-thingy… thing……. the sound sounds like my cat’s almost never
    happening farts :P, lol, nice vid again

  49. That BatChat replay was awesome! Great creative use of physics! I was
    surprised how little damage he dealt at the end but nevertheless great
    battle. I really should have cleaned up my replay folder before contest
    deadline as I found a BatChat replay of battle with over 8k damage and 28
    from 29 shots hitting target (leaving me with one shell left)… Can’t wait
    to see the winner as sofair had an amazing battle.

  50. First guy was using premium rounds…

  51. How can you compare the jagpanzer4 to the VK3001P? Very very different, and
    I really like my jagpanzer4 btw

  52. 9:14 I have the same situation 75% of the time in my m5 Stuart…

  53. hey jingle, how come all the mid tanks u had shown only use AP shells? do
    mid tanks only has AP shells? or they dont cost money if u play teir 10 mid

  54. Ulfgar-Septimus von Stahlenberg

    Too bad. I hope there is at least ONE german Medium above T6 in the contest
    and I’m not speeking about E50M. 😡

  55. the fust and last game was very amazing ones! These contests makes me wanna
    try new tanks but they all are so high so it will take so long to get to
    them. Especially T 10

  56. You should only really be using HE in specific circumstances, like if you
    have a howitzer or your AP can’t penetrate the target. If AP can penetrate
    you should almost always be using AP.

  57. So you joined TGN right? How dare you….

  58. Jingles, when youre done with these replays can you do a vid on the m26

  59. Some but not all Tier 10s have APCR as their default ammo. The Patton Tier
    10 and Bat Chat both fall under that category

  60. APCR is pretty standard on the Patton.

  61. I started playing in May, 2011 and reached tier VII in the German tech
    tree, but I stopped playing shortly before the T34 got turned into a
    Premium. I didn’t play for a few months and, lucky for me, started playing
    again shortly after patch 7.5 went live and I remember laughing at people
    complaining for getting into a (heavily) tier VII battle with a tier V tank.

  62. All tier 10 mediums use APCR as standard ammo

  63. T10 mediums use APCR as standard ammo

  64. do you get more xp for staying alive?

  65. First guy was using standard tier 10 medium ammo. They all use APCR.

  66. Meh…Most of the times if your AP shells can’t pen, HE shells are not
    going to do any damage anyway. The only situations where HE can be more
    useful than AP shells is when you’re shooting a low tier piece of
    artillery, a light tank or something with really thin armor like a Hellcat.

  67. Simply because there was also a JpIV in that battle.

  68. I was phrasing it wrong that’s why I was unable to get results 😛 Shame
    that even after 2 patches its still not resolved.

  69. Hi Jingles, I really like your videos a lot, especially those about fail
    teams. Now I just thought you’d like to hear this. So from the moment that
    the christmas special started I have only been put into hopeless teams.
    This is why I entered my longest loss streak ever (in 13k battles). The
    longest streak was 24 and in total i won around 8 games out of 50’ish
    battles. Even bought a T62a in which I have a win rate of 18% so far. Have
    you ever been there? xD

  70. Oh hell yes. I’ve hardly played at all in two months due to the single
    biggest losing streak I can ever remember, plus, doing this contest has
    been keeping me busy as well. When your best result all day is a five game
    streak of 1000xp defeats, it’s time to go play Tetris. Things are looking
    up though, played a few quick games yesterday just to get back into the
    swing of things and won all three!

  71. Dear Mr. Jingles, WG have just released a video about the M3 Lee, claiming
    it can be a “decent and quite powerful” tank. Do you agree with them?

  72. Found this in my screenshots, I actually found the 3001p to be a pretty
    good tank. gyazo[dot]com/53da516be437b2edaaf97b9c0b3b1a60

  73. Sure. If the enemy are all tier 3. And being driven by three year olds. Who
    are all asleep. :p

  74. I got an 8 kill game in it, so yes. I did majority damage too.

  75. You get a very small amount of extra xp for surviving.

  76. is anyone else confued by the fact that they apparently nerfed the marder
    to kingdom come because “people were doing to good in it” but we see people
    in su26’s getting 6, 7, even 8 kills in some matches but it doesn’t get a
    single nerf?

  77. i started to get a bad losing streak on my S35CA and i just had to sell it
    and transfer the crew to my FCM pak 40(really good alternative to marder).
    I just couldn’t watch another fantastic tank suffer the discrace of idiot
    teams time and again. I personally believe that most tanks, at leasst mine,
    are set with a certain luck destiny, some keep getting good teams no matter
    your performance, and some just keep getting tards no matter how well u do
    per match.

  78. And the engine block , it would do more damage with HE to the engine than
    AP and will have way more of a chance to Set on fire , that is why i have
    HE Shells on my light tank ( T 50 ) , when ever i get behind a enemy tank i
    unload them.

  79. Have a nice Christmas, Jingles! Thanks for all the long hours making all
    these videos!

  80. Have a nice Christmas, Jingles! Thanks for all the long hours making all
    these videos!

  81. Jingles – do you know why the 3001P is the worst grind? because it didn’t
    have the l70 as stock gun… instead it had the l48 the current PzIII/IV
    gun before the penetration upgrade… and you had to unlock tracks and
    turret to mount the l70 gun…

  82. 1st game -Patton III- Very very lucky and good game.. without luck I guess
    you can’t have a very good game as tier X tank in allout tier X tanks 2nd
    game -3001P- Bad game, he doesn’t notice the T34 and instead aims for
    Churchill who isn’t even there (instead he is behind houses, another reason
    for being bad because he doesn’t see the map)… also goes out infront of
    tanks 3rd game -Type59- interesting idea but average shooting 4th game
    -batchat25t- very very good, shooting at “enemies”

  83. I saw a tier 1 fail platoon with a loltracktor kill a M3 Lee… that just
    shows how bad it is.

  84. Yeah, and back in 7.5 even the L/70 wasn’t THAT good in the kind of games
    it got into.

  85. I keep hoping one of my reviews shows up but how am i to compete with these
    people 🙁

  86. I am dissapointed, you didn’t insert the “Luck o’ the Irish” punchline.

  87. I’m currently grinding the 3001P now. Have everything but the last engine
    and the Tiger P itself unlocked.

  88. 3001 didn’t even deserve to be in this roundup, all he did was finish guys
    who were on 200 or less HP… he was also very luck, it was all i saw in
    that replay, luck

  89. ikr…. try beating 53 losses in a row…

  90. Thanks for showing up my replay! Things you said… It’s like another very
    good christmas present 😀 a little bit sad that it’s not a winning one but
    if you say you found a better one I bet you did. Anyway Merry Christmas

  91. Merry X-mas and a happy new year Jingles,thanks for all the hours of great
    reviews and fun.

  92. Personally, I liked the M3 decently well. It’s not my favorite, but I
    didn’t find it to be as bad as some. The 3001P, though, is definitely that

  93. M3 lee is one of the best tanks. So is the jagdpz4 it’s the driver not the
    tank Remember.

  94. Awesome Batchat

  95. Sure, but it’s easy to be a good driver when you’re in an IS-3. Not so easy
    when you’re driving a coffin armed with a kiwi fruit.

  96. nice video overall, but I don’t really understand how the 3001 and type 59
    got to be showned as the gameplay wasn’t good really, they just had massive
    luck and played against mostly bad players.

  97. Ah, the T-43 ammo rack, the specific reason why I bought the wet ammo rack
    for the Russian medium line. Now I practically never get ammo racked, which
    is so nice.

  98. Luck, skill, it’s all relative. I’ve had a few fantastic games that relied
    heavily on artillery missing me and a couple of lucky bounces or
    non-damaging shots to my tracks. You also take whatever you can get in a
    crappy tank.

  99. Have you seen his video, the science of fail? Most of the players are
    either bad or mediocre. I should know, I used to be one of them, but I’ve
    gotten a lot better

  100. I don’t really get your point? the 3001 had massive luck that none killed
    him in the bad spot he was in, no skill there really. the type did a
    flanking manouver, nothing odd about that, but then when he had really good
    cover and an enemy to shoot in the back he still show his tank to the kv-5
    and takes damage while he only bounce, was very medicore gameplay imo.

  101. Jingles, what do you think of the gifted tank, the T1E6. I kind of like it.
    I’ve been racking up kills in it all day. getting 6 – 9 per battle.

  102. Just wanna pass my gratz on to thatirishguy well done buddy,how did you
    make out with the Tiger.

  103. I absolutely loved my M3Lee, the gun is totally awesome. Used to get a lot
    of kills with it.

  104. a friend of mine actually got 8 kills with the lee…

  105. The stock 3001P is the stuff nightmares are made of… Only the knowledge
    that it leads to the epic Tiger P keeps you going on!

  106. I disagree. Anyone who has driven a 3001P deserves MEDALS for staying alive
    in these high tier games, luck or no luck.

  107. Holy shit. I will never complain again!

  108. Too bad i lost my replay with my type 59, 8270 damage, radley walters
    medal, i would have won easily.

  109. At the end of your vids say “Don’t forget to rate !!!” I always forget and
    Im sure Im not the only one

  110. stop trolling

  111. Minecraftster148790

    I love the vk3001p I got 9 kills in it

  112. When’s the next contest. I wanna join this time. Spitefully I can’t show my
    best game (7.2). Is 1800 exp for a loss a decent game?

  113. The Mighty Jingles

    1800 for a… sweet mother of god!!

  114. Was in my pershing on mines. Had 8 kills and was about to get my ninth when
    the game said ‘F you try again’. One shot away from killing a lowe and it
    penned but no damage, didn’t survive the return shot .

  115. The Mighty Jingles

    Yeah, it’s probably one of the worst grinds in the game. Not too bad when
    fully upgraded, but getting there is a real pain.

  116. Damn KV-5s are difficult to defeat, they can take SO MUCH DAMAGE. Its a
    damn troll tank because nearly every gun I’ve seen used against it (except
    Arty) are basically peashooters.

  117. this kid was all luck

  118. it’s a useable tank, having done the a-20 and amx-40 grinds, m3 lee wasn’t
    that bad. you have to play it like a battle TD basically but yeah jingles i
    agree with you about the matchmaker thing, i remember it used to be
    TERRIBLE. i actually ragequit the game for a few months and then came back
    to it after they fixed the matchmaker

  119. Thats the luck of the Irish!

  120. is it me or wat …. but i find the sound is far better than now -_-

  121. Isn’t the Patton a tier X even in 7.5?

  122. The Mighty Jingles

    M48 Patton, yes. M46 Patton, no. 😉

  123. Wooooooooooooooooooooooow, that Bat.Chat! Awesome! 😀 I want to have a
    Bat.Chat, but it’s gonna take ages to get there. Got the ELC just 2 weeks
    ago. 🙂

  124. the first Replay was like: Suprise Madafakas

  125. poor churchill…..

  126. What website do you use to see your WOT replays?

  127. That first battle I was like holy crap bigdog is in this match, then i
    realized it wasn’t the same person.

  128. I wonder why you dont tell the people in chat to support and stuff?

  129. the m48A1 is a gun as well :)

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