World of Tanks – Replay Contest – Tank Destroyer Roundup 5

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Hope it’s worth it!

I can’t promise a reply or that I’ll feature it, but I do look at them all and you never know your luck.

System Specs: 3.07Ghz i7 CPU, 12GB DDR3 RAM, 480GTX graphics card, running at 1920×1080 resolution.

Mods used:
Crosshairs with Reload Timer:
Demoles’ Damage Panel:

Intro music from “Epic Rock Instrumental” by Farhan, used with permission


  1. Yeay first! LOL! Great replay contest Jingles!!

  2. Always a treat to see your videos.

  3. guesing time again, M18

  4. Head them off at the pass? I hate that cliché!

  5. Just about to sleep. THEN! saw your vids. love it mate. thanks.

  6. ill stop what I am doing to watch your vids except the lee one lol

  7. Ratorma Herikotai Schivakhi

    The days just keep on getting longer although we’re in the dark season of
    the year.

  8. SuperRiseAgainstFan3

    Mediums next right? after you finish the tank destoryer replays?

  9. 03:57 thats a 128mm gun not 105mm 😛

  10. Happy I made it onto the roundup, still sad I got stuck on that fence post
    and couldn’t take a shot at the ferd and was too slow on the trigger for
    the tiger or I would have damaged every tank on the enemy team. Haven’t had
    a great game in that tank since.

  11. That really made my day seeing my replay in one of your videos 🙂

  12. “This is a standard battle on Ruinberg….” No it isn’t Jingles. That would
    be an assault map on Erlenberg.

  13. The Mighty Jingles

    And even though that was immediately followed by “No it isn’t, it’s
    Erlenberg, do pay attention, Jingles!” there’s always someone who just
    can’t control their smart-arse gland long enough to resist pointing it out.

  14. That rock where the Chafee parked in campinova is a good spot but too low
    to the ground. I has a nice rock thou to provide cover and if they try to
    flank using the low ground you will be the 1st to lite them. However you
    are not much use otherwise as you have a very limited field of fire.

  15. T95 replays plz

  16. Yeah was going to say the same thing…

  17. Way back in 6.8 WG nerfed the frontal armour of the Ferdi so now an IS-3
    with the BL9 can easily pen the front without having to aim for the lower

  18. ahh i loved my T28 prot.. but now i have to grind through the t30 xD. Nice
    to show my reply, thanks man!

  19. At 6:00 wouldn’t the MG port be the best spot to go for?

  20. I was happy when I finally unlocked my T30 after playing that machine. I
    sent in one of the greatest T30 games I’ve ever played to Jingles so
    hopefully he’ll show it. Was that your T28 prot replay?

  21. lol.. this comment is rated alongside the one where jingles explained
    someone what ‘butthurt’ means. I’m gonna have to make a t-shirt with that
    quote on it

  22. Grigorije Vlahovic

    Hi Jingles! One question, On my E-75 I have only 2 upgrades left to go, the
    big gun and the engine, what should I get first from the 2 ?? I’m leaning
    towards the engine, but what do you think?? thx in advance!!

  23. It almost seems like people pause the video right at the moment you make
    the lapsus linguae and proceed to comment about it.

  24. i think m18 sucks ….

  25. Worth it! I really enjoyed watching the SU122 game :-).

  26. That KV-1 Dude will receive 15 000 Efficiency rating for this battle while
    the M18 – max 5000-7000.. Capping is OP in ER thats why many farm ER by

  27. Nice video as allways Jingles.. Allthough i’m sure you’ll need a vacation
    after this contest is over.. how many editing hours have you logged so far?

  28. “Lowish rolls less than 400.” Try being in a T110E5. The 120mm description
    says 400. Bullshit. More like 340ish. On a fucking tier 10 gun.

  29. the system requirements say i need 4 gb memoryy ram i only have 3 to run
    stuff do u think i can run this game smoothly i have it played before but
    my game is 7.4 not 8.0/8.1

  30. I LOVE being in my T-50-2 on the Campinovka map on the north side. Because
    what I do is I drive straight into the bushes in the middle and sit. There
    I can spot anyone moving around the buildings and behind the buildings. I
    usually spot half the op4 team or more.

  31. I want that kind of game in my tier 6 arty too…

  32. Is one of the winners a TD premium ??? Anyway great video dude

  33. Get that last engine. With that upgrade the E-75 is actually capable of
    leaving the starting zone before the game timer runs out.

  34. If you have a look at the General Creativity section of the EU forums,
    there are low res texture packs you can install to improve performance.
    Using these you can get the game running on even 1GB of RAM.

  35. nvm bohieman egale i did test can you run it andSummary Graph
    Congratulations, your computer meets all the Recommended

  36. i can run it recomended

  37. realy? cool i want that i ve got a shity pc

  38. Grigorije Vlahovic

    Thx 😉 well I’m used to slow tanks… I drove all German tier 8 and 7
    heavies (about 250-300 games in each) so speed was not that big of an
    issue… generally I know you say engine first, but I needed the turret,
    without it the tanks just got ripped apart…. it could not take a beating
    nor could it dish it out. Now with the top turret it at least can take a
    beating, and if I aim well (and have just a little bit of backup) I can
    fuck up even tier 10 heavies with the long 105mm gun

  39. i run this game smoothly with an Athlon X2 5000+,2 GB ram with an Geforce
    8600 GT on windows XP. of course on low-medium settings on 1024×768…lol

  40. which line would u prefer? obj. 704 line or the obj. 263?

  41. which line would u prefer? obj. 704 line or the obj. 263?

  42. i love you jingles

  43. well ur lucky u can play the game i was thinking to install the game but it
    just has an application error with win32 so i still am not able to play

  44. ur lucky i can play installed it today application error win32

  45. i mean u are lucky to play i cant even install it

  46. @Olli Appleyard I preferred the 263 line as I hated the SU and ISU 152.
    However the 704 is great fun and so is the 122-54. Depends on how you play
    the 263 line are MUCH more agile- but lack the troll cannons.

  47. 35:37 that 3001(P) he is stock and probably just got into tier VI… so…
    can’t blame him for sitting in the open.

  48. Silly Jingles! Don’t you know you are never allowed to make any mistakes at
    all on the internet, even if you correct the mistake in the same breath?
    And expecting people to actually pay attention to anything but the
    (corrected) error? For shame, Sir! 😉

  49. I’m going up both lines and I find the old derpy line is much much much
    easier to play. Its quite difficult to do badly when your gun does 750
    average damage. The 704 line is much more consistent aswell, some of the
    tanks on the new line have some pretty major disadvantages (horrific gun
    depression on the su-101 and 100m1 and bad pen on the 100m1). Every tank on
    the old line is good.

  50. Yet again awesome replays.

  51. could we get a review of the T-30 please?

  52. i was just looking over the changes patch 8.2 will bring and it looks like
    the type 59 has been changed, its slightly slower but has even more armor
    and the gun has a bit more penetration and damage, do you like the sound of
    this jingles?

  53. The Mighty Jingles

    It’s also had it’s gun depression nerfed slightly, so no more going hull
    down and playing bouncy-bouncy with the turret armour. Still, it’s a
    reasonable trade-off.

  54. Sorry, didn’t mean to be so annoying. I was more concerned that you said it
    was a standard battle when it was actually an assault map.

  55. Why do you say a shot bounced, when the VO says it penetrated? As far as I
    know, it’s not a bounce, it’s a spaced armor hit, or a 0 dmg penetration

  56. Actually, they removed the gun depression nerf while other buffs are still
    present… so Type 59 will be faster with more pen and dmg and less
    dispersion during movement.

  57. The Mighty Jingles


  58. at 39:30 i really dont like that spot if i am in a light tank i do find it
    is sometimes usefull as arty tough

  59. i run my game on 2gb memory ram ( my video card has 1gb video memory also)
    it runs at 30fps looks smooth,

  60. The Mighty Jingles

    VO says penetration, icon flashes black, does no damage. If it looks like a
    bounce, feels like a bounce and tastes like a bounce, I call it a bounce
    even if it doesn’t sound like a bounce. 😉

  61. U say bloody to much u have to be British

  62. Uncle Jingles, seeing this Hellcat made me think of this question. I have
    Object 212 Arty with 203mm B-4 gun. What I’m about to say happens enough
    for it to cause me concern, but not enough for me to quit. I will shoot
    this 203 HE, not AP at an enemy vehicle, see that I actually hit the
    target, voice prompts “PENETRATION!!” but see no physical damage to the
    vehicle. No tracks, no jam turret, no real damage. The HE shell has a spash
    of 6 or more meters. How does this happen??

  63. I was going to try to dazzle you with an explanation that involved lots of
    talk about armour zones, HE splash coverage and spaced armour, but honestly
    I don’t have a clue. I know what you’re talking about but it shouldn’t be

  64. That is what I thought. If it penetrates it should do full damage (1850
    average) which should be VERY noticable of kill the vehicle.

  65. Wtf is your Graphic’s card? I have 3gb of ram and this game struggles at

  66. Gahhh. Just had a terrible thing happen to me in the 212. Today I was
    firing AP shells on Mines. Keep in mind 203 mm gun with 260 Average
    Penetration. An AMX 12t closes in to scout me. Hes 30-40 m away and I fire.
    “Penetration” with no track damage nor engine damage. WTF!!!!!!!!!! Where
    does Overmathching his armor come into play.

  67. A shell that size hitting a tank that size should split it in two and
    scatter the parts in seperate counties, whether it explodes or not. :p

  68. u are awesome jingles 🙂

  69. Dude, I LOVE you jingles, when ever i have troble deciding what to get or
    how to play it, i ALWAYS go to you. Or even if i am just bored i watch your
    replays. You always tell me the play by play and. over all you earn a 15
    out of 10 for me. THANKS SO MUCH MAN,YOU ROCK

  70. Dude, you’ll make me blush! 😉

  71. i kinda wish you would use concealment when that is what you mean “cover is
    something solid and will save your ass concealment will hide your ass but
    wont save it”

  72. i really admire how u play … u r a awesome player jingles, keep uploading
    dude …

  73. its possible that you shot his viewports out i did the same thing with my
    SU-5 point blank in a green pen zone to a t2 light and it said “we
    penetrated their armor!” pen no damage…

  74. these arent his gameplays he only does the commentary on these

  75. Just for your consideration 39:50 Scout medal is for detecting at least 9
    enemy vehicles – he spotted 8. Also the achievement is granted to the
    winning team only. 52:18 Invader – the achievement is granted on successful
    base capture only. The only exception is if the battle ends in a draw, then
    the achievement is granted to the first player to receive 80 or more
    capture points.

  76. Of course, should have really known that. Thanks anyway.

  77. wow that guy in the 122-54 won the game with only a few seconds left

  78. i used to watch forensic files every night before i go to bed. now i watch
    jingles play tanks. hahahahhaa thankkkks jingles.

  79. Is this the Ferdinand?

  80. the first one? WHAT TOOK U SO DAMN LONG TO FIGURE IT OUT????

  81. Sir.DanishBiscuit

    Isn’t it pronounced Mali-Ken-Ova (not what is spelled on thee begining

  82. Umm…That little island usually has a TD…for the games i play with that

  83. No, BTW, Your not Burnsy.

  84. Hey Jingles, should I go for Jagdpanther 2 or the Elephant

  85. Jagdpanther is my opinion. Yeah I’m not jingles.


  87. got no idea if this has changed but the t25 at starts with a 90mm gun aswell

  88. Great play-by-play on this, man. If I was hiring for a WOT announcer,
    you’d be top of the list.

  89. What’s with all the bitching about the capping KV player in the Hellcat
    replay? Capping is just as a legitimate way to win the encounter battle as
    is destroying the enemy team. Sure, he could have lumbered across the open
    plains, getting pounded by artillery and probably not making it too far.
    The Hellcat player didn’t win the battle all alone, he killed the last
    enemy just as the cap reached 100, so the KV did equally well, in another
    way. Complaints about “selfish” cappers accumulating invader points are
    always coming from players just as selfish who want to get more kills,
    medals etc. for themselves instead. Fucking hypocrisy. But then again, it
    wouldn’t be a Jingles video if there was no trashtalking and insulting
    going on.

  90. Hey Jingles, I have some good replays right but I’m on Windows 8 if you
    have windows 8 or anyone who does can you tell me how to do it? I’ve looked
    all over Google and YouTube.

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