World of Tanks Replay | Cromwell B | 7 v 1

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  1. Wow. 3 views.

  2. Steffen Aggerholm Kristensen


  3. An incredible game! I had one similar in a Cromwell B, but screwed up and
    the last tank took me out, so no highlights for me.

  4. good game but i think he also had the room to use the 1st bush when he was
    defending the base to mask his shots like he did with the m44 and the
    churchill rather than moving to the 2nd bush (wich also worked of course)

  5. Get ready, get comfortable. Oh, let me grab another homebrew.

    Wow. Amazing game. Everyone loves this tank but I’ve found that gun to be a
    bit troll at times.

  6. absolutely amazing replay. too bad he doesnt understand how bush mechanics
    work.. i.e. how to use a bush as camo

  7. wow…….

  8. Anthony “BooMsx” Burda

    10:50 Klingon rage!

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