World of Tanks Replay | Cromwell B Sneak attack

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Source: Maxwell

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  1. I’m quite surprized that the Tiger 1 Driver acted like an absolute donkey.
    Maybe it was a bot? It sure looks like it

  2. I’ve seen better Cromwell B gameplay no like from me today sorry!

  3. Anyone heard when we are going to get exp, damage and profit back on the
    battle results screen? I really miss it.

  4. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    To me this is a great replay for a few reasons. It shows some really stupid
    play with the T37 opting to kill himself instead of getting killed. Then it
    shows some great team play as the Cromwell B spots knowing he has support
    who will protect him. Plus it also shows what he can do on his own with
    superior speed when isolating a slow traverse tank. There is really a good
    amount to learn in this one video IMHO.

  5. Nice gameplay, he was one of the smallest tanks and he helped to win one
    flank doing a lot of damage to higher tier tanks hitting them on the flank
    and rear and spotting for allies. Absolutely the right way to play a tank
    like the Cromwell. This replay shows what even a small tank in the right
    place and in the right hands can do to help the team winning the battle.

  6. Aroused Squirrel

    Max, thank you for featuring my replay, I hope you guys find it somewhat
    informative, and of course, fun to watch.

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