World of Tanks Replay | E 50 M | My Hill

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. “Occasionally those extra couple of millimeters will come in handy…”
    Nice phrasing! Well played Ma!

  2. Ma Wo Well played , catch you on friday :)

  3. DarkMaster's Replays

    Take this replay down. Can’t you see that he is using aimbot!!!

  4. Thx for the feature Max =)
    I did not realize that IS-4 was a Unicum as I had my XVM turned off.
    Noticed he is a good player but I might have not rushed him like that if I
    knew :D

  5. GG Ma_Wo

  6. Is it just me, but when there are good replays, mostly it’s from CIRC
    clan?? I know that Ma_Wo replay isn’t the first one here..

  7. Very nice use of terrain to get the right gun depression to shot targets.
    Also is worth mentioning, gun depression on E50M is better on the sides
    than on the front. Keep on with this good stuff Maxwell.

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