World of Tanks Replay | E 75 | A Little Bad Luck

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  1. lol that T28 must have been from US LSMods – car related name Kappa

  2. T28 ;D

  3. SU-14-1 can have the same gun as the tier 8 and 9.

  4. The T28 was in his platoon too so maybe they knew each other? Probably just
    a random platoon. Hard to believe the AT15 was alive at the end after
    playing so badly at the start.

  5. Just got my E 75… Stock it is terrible because people can just go through
    your turret. Also another thing i noticed is that its armor isnt really
    worth that much. I have noticed that even though i am angling well, my
    lower plate just gets creamed. Then when there is gold involved armor
    doesnt matter.

  6. Dylan SilverStone

    I just have a little question, would you ever accepts World of Tanks Blitz
    gameplay? great vid as always, keep up the good work :D

  7. I turn my computer off with my face too! Keep up the good work Maxwell! GG

  8. Bektor can count his blessings. My best arty round was on Mountain Pass in
    the GW Tiger P. I was helping my friend with a light tank mission and I 1
    shot an E75 around 13:45-14:00.
    Also the T-43 that Bektor shot at, he was 1 second to late the Prototype
    already killed it.

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