World of Tanks Replay | FV304 | Damn Dirty Arty

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    +Richard Gustafsson Cool. 😛

  2. Richard Gustafsson

    +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man
    Nono, no problem

  3. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    +Richard Gustafsson Oh I see what you mean, sorry if I sounded rude before.

  4. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    +Richard Gustafsson A-and…?

  5. Richard Gustafsson

    And it has no turret 😉

  6. +Maxwell Plays Another thing: My raw audio volume is very low. In Vegas I
    increased my audio volume, but it is still not as loud as other YouTube
    videos, like yours. And, I find the quality of the Blue Snowball microphone
    in the video to be not what I expected, and like I said, including

  7. +Maxwell Plays Thank you for your response!

    What is the reason you edit with Adobe Premiere Pro? I like the layout and
    the simplicity of Vegas for nothing but standard gameplay editiing.
    I recorded in 50Mbps and rendered in 20Mbps. Maybe that is too low?
    Vegas advice is not needed, I think that is okay for me right now.


  8. +paevlus WoT I also record with shadowplay but I have to encode the video a
    second time with Handbrake to make the video constant framerate instead of
    variable framerate as I edit with Adobe Premiere Pro. All of your quality
    will be lost in the rendering and not the editing, although project
    settings might play a part (I haven’t used Vegas for years)

    To keep the quality you really just need to keep your bitrate as high as
    you can manage without the file being too large. Raw shadowplay records as
    about 50,000kbps (KiloBitsPerSecond) and I render my WoT videos at
    32,000kbps (32mbps) and audio at 256kbps. Take a look at your rendering
    settings and try and up your bitrate as far as you can before the file
    sizes get too large, and obviously don’t render at a higher bitrate than
    the raw video. I cant really give you any Vegas specific advice, just
    general advice. Any questions let me know.

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