World of Tanks Replay | IS-3 | Hold Your Ground

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. Darren lee Moore

    most players bitch & carry on after they die so i cant see why wargaming
    make it that you cant chat once dead 🙂
    simple 🙂 the dead cant talk :

    • +Filippo Zen Exactly

    • +Darren lee Moore
      If the dead player is not an asshole and knows how to play he can give
      suggestions to his alive teammates. I would appreciate a chat ban and map
      pinging ban for the current game, if more than 2 players report another
      player, despite the fact he is still alive or dead

  2. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    8:14 Random ladder explosion. XD

  3. If you’ve got yourself an awesome replay send it in to blah blah blah @
    blah blah. But it probably won’t get featured unless you’ve been featured
    before or you’re a uniscum unicum ain’t that right Maxwell!

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