World of Tanks Replay | IS-4 | Knife fight in a Cupboard

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. Love the content Maxwell.

  2. Holy shit! im on max’s channel!!! elooooo!!!! xD

    Max, you didnt mention why I didnt take the shot at the AMX 30 🙁
    My platoon mate needed the defence points for a personal mission which you
    can even see in the chat :P

  3. IS-4 is love, IS-4 is life… <3 xD

  4. That’s why I live my IS-4. Between the armor and the respectable gun
    performance characteristics it just seems to be more consistent than my
    other tier 10 heavies. Anyways damn good choice of replay Maxwell. This guy
    showed off exactly how to use the strengths of this tank.

  5. great content max, is the next stream gonna be 19.00 tonight? Also could i
    be a mod, i noticed you only have brett and Gib, and brett cant always be
    there and Gib is playing with you so he cant really be a fulltime mod, so
    maybe you could give me mod powers to manage the chat, i ve been to every
    stream so far and i wil most likely be at every stream in the future :-)

  6. very nice angling work there, well played

  7. The thumbnails are awesome. Keep it up maxwell!

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