World of Tanks Replay | KV-4tress

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  1. That Chat .-.

  2. Is8? Lol max

  3. Stupid idiot yellow players think they are so good, but they suck, I’m glad
    I’m blue…

  4. Gods Pillar (RICH KING)

    Lol people rage on yellow players in blue and I respect all players even
    reds :/

  5. Another nice vid Max. Out of curiosity will you start World of warships
    replays or you think that might not happen?

  6. dont get me wrong, this was a great game and a great vid alround, with
    maxwell his usual derpyness xd but this was not very good play, he did not
    angle his turret en that bounce from the ferdi was pure luck, still great
    game en great video

  7. Also adore the outrosong

  8. I feel sorry for that SU-152, using the 175 pen 122mm against the front of
    a KV-4

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