World of Tanks Replay | Leopard 1 | Forward Thinking

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Source: Maxwell Plays

Never played world of tanks? download it for free here:

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  1. +Maxwell Plays thank you!

  2. +Dario Goez I at example asked where you have your Bar multiple times

  3. +Maxwell Plays Maybe my message came over wrongly, I do enjoy watching your
    videos and really appreciate the recent changes you made, but I always find
    myself only watching some until I know who is featured and then just stop,
    it was an honest reason for why I stoppped watching the whole video

  4. +Dario Goez I get literally hundreds of messages every week in email and on
    YouTube, I never reply to anyone so don’t feel sad. To be honest i don’t
    even read the content of the email, I open it, download replay, hit next.
    If you want a reply your best bet is a comment on a video, like this 🙂

  5. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Oh yeah and I really like the new commentary style. 😛

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