World of Tanks Replay | Leopard 1 | Who Dares…

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  1. Ivan TheTerrrible

    Well played.

  2. More Leopard 1 replays please… 😀 lol

  3. Jonathan Musser

    Leopard 1, made of ammo racks.

    • +Jonathan Musser In your top configuration every module is replaced with an
      ammorack, they even put an ammorack inside your ammorack.

  4. I never take my 13 90 hill on mines at the start. The problem is you arrive
    with an empty gun and it’s really frustrating to just sit there waggling
    your gun whilst the enemy lights pick you apart.

  5. Do you need to upload the replays to WoTreplays or is sending them as
    attachment enough?

    Send it too ?

  6. How did you reduce the animation time in sniper mode with J1mB0’s
    crosshairs mod? And could you please tell me where you’ve found that blue

  7. KomodoRino Gamer

    That game is making me think of going down that line on the Xbox

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