World of Tanks Replay | Lorraine 40t | Power Play

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  1. mojimax multigamer

    lorraine can get good games but is bad overall tank soo gg to this guy for
    getting this

  2. huh, nice. Thanks for featuring me max!!! 😀
    I think I made some stupid mistakes eg; going for that Tiger II so early
    and sticking around for the T34 kill, blindfiring at the arty cauz I was
    multi-tasking at the time, fiddling around with different programs whilst
    playing and i may have been text-tanking uhm… xD

    Eh, fuck it, it’s a game…! xD

  3. As a 3k win8 scrubb with 55% winrate and 15k battles, I love the Lorrain
    40T, if played right, a very strong tank! 😉 However, if arty hit you and
    you survive, you start thinking over if life is worth living with half the
    modules broken and the crew dead!

  4. That ST1 nearly got him with a double ram. Close one.

  5. not really a replay worth showing around, its Just a ace nothing more of

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