World of Tanks Replay – M18 Hellcat – Commentary

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Source: Plumb Tanker

TankerHopkins sends me many, many replays. Here is one..

Modpack 9.9

My computer specs:
Intel Core i7-2600K OC to 4.4Ghz Ó 16gb Corsair Ram – MSI Geforce GTX 770 – Asus P8P67 Mobo – Benq 1920×1200 24″ – Window 7 Home Premium.


  1. Great game! I’ve just sent you one myself (isu-152 carry), hope you like it

  2. Ah too bad we didn’t win. At the start when you were talking about how is
    he not spotted its because the OP camo crew lol. Maybe I should have kept
    shooting that JgTiger but I wasn’t sure where the ISU-152 was and I didn’t
    want to be caugt sitting still. Also I maybe could have killed the arty?
    But I would have killed that ISU-152 but dang-it Patton! Oh well you can
    only do so much. Thanks for the video and yup I send in a lot of videos but
    that’s because Lyonsi and Tobran carry my scrub self so a lot of the
    battles are victories.

  3. All the videos!

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