World of Tanks Replay | O-I | The New Kid

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  1. 0:40 910mm average damage. Thats a lot ;)

  2. Gods Pillar (RICH KING)

    Legotank seems to send lots of good replays 🙂 gratz lego

  3. An absolutely ridiculous game. That AMX 40… Great work Max.

  4. hmm I wonder where I saw this video before Maxwell :-P

  5. Give that AMX 40 a ‘at least you tried’ medal already

  6. luv the duck!

  7. poor amx40..better don’t show this replay to Jedi :(

  8. I love this tank. And if you want to know. That AMX 40 fired a total of 60+
    shots at me. 49 hit and 0 pen… He tried I guess :D

  9. Poor little Ducky. Quack quack.

  10. 910 mm of dmg?? lol

  11. Good replay but no skill was required by o-I driver.

  12. hi +legotank007 its me Thunder63 Lol Your striking again

  13. +henri_bc can’t reply directly cause YouTube comments OP. We really need to
    platoon again some time though :D

  14. Silly maxwell, it’s actually the IS gun on the SU 100, not the old kv1s gun

  15. MrImmortalityPrince


  16. “75 mm of penetration and 910 mm average damage” – This make my day :D

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