World of Tanks Replay | Obj.140 | How It’s Done

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  1. Your fucking intro scared me so bad, I fell off my fucking chair and broke
    my fucking headphone wire…

    *sigh* woe is me…

  2. I like how both the IS-7 and the VK B called him a gold noob lol. Also, the
    13 90 (even with standard rounds of 170 pen) is more than capable of
    decimating the VK B’s paper sides.

  3. So would you choose the Object 140 over the T-62A. the differences seem
    minor but that can make the difference between winning and losing
    sometimes. I am working up the Russian medium line and I am trying to
    figure out which one to start on once I get there.

    • +James Koontz 140 has one degree more gun depression and is slightly
      quicker that t62a, but t62a has, in reality, much better turret armor.
      Pick the tank that suits your playstyle.

    • +James Koontz Well you’ll probably start with the 140 as that leads on from
      the T-54’s best gun and go for the T62a second as you wont want to sell
      your T54… Ever.

  4. Russian tanks OP? Nyet, comrade, they are “balanced™”.

    Still, that took some smart playing from Driverino. GG, wenches and mead
    for the victor.

  5. Awesome job. Loving the new style too btw

  6. That guy really knows how to play his Obj 140! The automatic response when
    a butthurt dead player types “gold noob” should be “dead noob” or “it’s not
    gold, just really expensive silver ammo”!

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