World of Tanks Replay | Obj.416 Must. Hold. On.

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  1. I enjoyed this.

  2. I like your vids 🙂 I subbed.

  3. 2 things are worth to mention:
    1st its has by far the best medium tank gun at its tier
    2nd it has epic camo values, by far the best at tier8, better than most of
    the light tanks in the game, so its basically a tier 8 elc amx and by the
    looks of it in the vid, that obj driver doesnt have full camo crew on
    it(which is absolutely mandatory), because i have been shooting down
    enemies without getting spotted while in some cover from 100-150m without
    getting spotted at all.
    I didnt keep T54 after grinding T62a, but i might rebuy it to get obj140 as
    well, but i will never sell this lovely beast- the frying pan 🙂
    Anyway, enjoyed the vid, as always Maxwell ;)

    • +Rolands Bondars

      But the guy from the replay does not seem to have invested much into the
      camo rating of the tank. With one or two crew members w/ camo and maybe a
      camo net, the two TDs would never have spotted him moving back from the
      city to the friendly cap circle.

  4. alius indentitas

    Maxwell, you’ve uploaded this at 60 frames per second HD 720 and 1080. I’m
    at the far end of a DSL connection and very often cannot watch videos at HD
    resolution at those frame rates (Even 1080/30 fps can be a struggle at
    times.) without a LOT of buffering. (I use HD for WoT’s videos because I
    enjoy reading the messages in the chat-box.) Will you please go back to 30

    • alius indentitas

      +Aroused Squirrel +Maxwell Plays I’ve done some research and there seem to
      be different ways to force various web browsers to use Flash, and luckily
      30 frames per second in the case of Internet Explorer, as opposed to HTML5
      and 60 fps.
      Squirrel, if you use Internet Explorer and have Adobe Flash Player
      installed, try this and please let me know if it helps: On the Menu Bar
      select Tools; Select Compatibility View settings; Add youtube(dot)com to
      the Compatibility View list (youtube should already be in the add box or
      you can type it in); after youtube is added to the list and you’ve closed
      the dialog box, IE will reload the webpage and Flash should be the default
      video player.
      Hope this works for you. 1080p 30 fps still buffers for me but 720p works
      well enough.

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +Maxwell Plays I have the issue too, but if most people can watch it at
      60fps than keep it that way.

    • alius indentitas

      +Maxwell Plays Thanks for taking the time to get back to me.
      Unless a bunch of us have the same problem, it likely isn’t worth the time
      (and risk of muddling things up) to render and upload things twice.
      Technology does move on and folks like video to look and sound great.
      Since it’s only reading the chat-box which matters to me, maybe if you find
      something entertaining there you could mention it and when it happens, then
      I could read along in HD. Otherwise, 480 is good enough.
      Take care and thanks for keeping us entertained with you videos. 🙂

    • WraithRUCalling2

      +Maxwell Plays Would cutting it back to 45fps make a difference then?

    • +alius indentitas I never even considered that a problem, thanks for the
      info. I wonder how many people have this issue. I probably wouldn’t ever go
      back to 30fps as the videos look much smoother and much better at 60fps. I
      could probably figure something out where I render videos twice but then I
      end up with multiple copies of the same videos on my channel and people
      will inevitably get confused.

      Let me have a think and I’ll see what I can do.

  5. Huh, this replay seems familiar. Are you repeating yourself +Maxwell Plays
    ? Btw you still owe us a vlog with the result of the pub works, don’t
    pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about :)

  6. Dang nice playing there.

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