World Of Tanks Replay – Object 430 Version II

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Source: Plumb

TheBigBison can’t find reverse in his Object 430 Version II.

My computer specs:
Intel Core i7-2600K OC to 4.4Ghz – 16gb Corsair Ram – MSI Geforce GTX 980 – Asus P8P67 Mobo – Asus RogSwift 4K 27″ – Window Home.


  1. What is your favourite group set? Shamano, Sram or campag

  2. Nigel Featherstone

    What is your favourite processed meat product? :-P

  3. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    which is your favorite music genre

  4. Who’s your favorite DJ/producer?
    Which is your favorite band?

  5. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    my wot day today was frustrating i just kept loosing

  6. What is your favourite home-cooked disaster?

  7. what is your favourite book? separate answers needed :D

  8. what is your favourite movie to watch together?

  9. Mikko Oja (Xillitor CT)

    Fast & Furious World of Tanks edition! Please, someone make fanart about

    Say no in finnish…..

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