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Source: Maxwell

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  1. ive finally dived in to the arl v39 and im half way to the ac 46. i can
    tell you now the v39 reputation is deserved because the armour may as well
    be paper because it feels so slow and that turret on the top doesnt help
    and the 105 is very french in other words kind of random. i will say though
    im excited for tier 7 8 and 9 but currently i have no interest in the tier
    10. although i recently heard that wg is considering altering the foch 155
    so it will have a 120mm autoloader instead of the crappy 155 gun.

    • +sergenticus_wafflicus
      im just glad i timed it near perfectly for the x5 event on the eu server
      starting tomorrow that should ease the grind 🙂

    • sergenticus_wafflicus

      +DEANOGTO I’m with you on that one, I’m working (slowly) on the V39 as
      well, and it absolutely sucks, even compared to the jpz IV which, I
      actually kinda enjoyed, but yeah, the V39 has no real redeeming features at

  2. Maxwell, he did hit the tiger, the tiger just disappeared when he fired

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