World of Tanks – Replay Review AMX 13 105

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  1. first comment yay

  2. Tier 10 LTs are obviously overpowered

  3. Hi Anfield! Can you do a learning replay for my T-10 game?

  4. Anfield, do you think the amx 13 105 is worth putting a female crew in? I am loving the 1390 so that’s why I was thinking about it.

  5. That last shot deserved some editing, man! 😀

  6. lol , I love last shot.

  7. @2:49 that round went right through the center of his turret. the tracer shows a clear hit.. lol

  8. Nice showcase anfield! tnx for showing it, I prefer your analyses of the replay over any other youtuber who doesnt know what unicums think at a certain point in battle.
    If people would be interested in a amx 3 mark session, let him know, I would love his commentary and i think it would be interesting due to the unique tank.

  9. Yea Anfield I would like to see the road to 3 moe on this tank.

  10. The tier 10 lights look good in this sort of match up, good map and only 3 tier 10s, but outside that they are pretty crap. Been playing the WZ and it’s carry potential just isn’t there, I can usually do around 60% solo tier 10 but struggling to get it and the T-100 lt above 50%, the majority of maps you are massively team reliant because there is no spotting and no room to use your mobility so you basically become a bad medium.

  11. He got reeeeeally luck, the freaking 105 it’s so inaccurate ?

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