World of Tanks – Replay Review herpderps Jagdtiger

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  1. First!!!

  2. turn turn turn

  3. That thing is called elevated mining house building above the ground

  4. NoHomeLike

    The problem is he forgot to get the turret addon for his Jagdtiger Kappa

  5. Why you no 1440p anymore?!

  6. ياسر عبد الله

    wow 1440
    thanks anfield

  7. mm is realy stupid….dunno why, but in last time its more and more game
    with 3-4 top meds vs 3-4 top havy….realy, realyyyy stupid….this isnt
    been so often b4

  8. Solar Panel Power Adapter

    Do you love me, mommy?

  9. what patch do the replays have to be in?

  10. is 5k dmg or under ok for these replay reviews anfield?

  11. I think that apart from two unnecessary missed shots, he just tended to
    take the safe, slightly slower route to the enemy, where in battles like
    this, I think just getting stuck in there in the most direct route would
    make more sense. I think another 3-4 shots in total would have been
    possible with better aiming and more direct approaches.

  12. Hey Anfield you should do another 3 mark session video when you get a
    chance! Love them bitches ;)

  13. Not one to scream gold noob, ammo was not used effectively.

  14. If I want you to review my game, where should I submit my replay?

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