World of Tanks – Replay Review Object 260

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  1. don’t even have the stug 4, meh, don’t really care.

  2. Eddie Winchester

    9 lives he has

  3. Spotterino Cappuccino

    pro loadout

  4. t62a: 9 lives you have

  5. So are u from the UK originally

  6. ForbiddenSnowman

    Seras!!! 😀 <3

  7. youjo <3

  8. MajesticRaithier

    Really wish WG would add this and OBJ. 777 to the tech tree

  9. Clicked on this expecting a fuckboi loadout, was not disappointed. But also disappointed.

  10. those credits … wtf

  11. hehe all the premium ammo crybabies.

  12. What a golden display.

  13. 66666 credits without prem and 99999 with prem account

  14. Oh no he shot some heat, must be awful at the game

  15. 52% player getting 4100 average damage on wz111 5a not OP

  16. egocentric? did you really have to change the channel icon to a pic of yourselfe…

  17. Need HT 15 and TD15 rip my life td so hard 8k fmg

  18. vfind pls, console pleb for lyfe!

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