World of Tanks – Replay Review Schorremorrie FV215b

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  1. Wow 12s I’m early and first

  2. love the vids but that thumbnail is pretty terrible

  3. I can’t believe QB did such mistake… I bet its the Jingles effect xD

  4. #TankBetter


    #tankbetter Kappa

  6. LOL!!!! #TankBetter

  7. #tankbetter

  8. happy 2017

  9. Do you dislike quickybaby because you always mock him?

    ^has almost all wot versions

    and just a replay(IDK why but I thought I would just give you one)

    {I know I am a noob, like 9 HE shels in e5?}

  11. The player’s name was Sean Murray? That’s a bummer. ?

  12. #TankBetter

  13. This is a great series. My gameplay in WoT is always mediocre, so I’ll send
    you the meh replays you crave.

  14. Whats the best way to get 3 marks? Im literally stuck at 90% and cant climb
    anymore after i dropped 4% due to no damage cause of arty. Sorry if im
    bugging you, just tired of not having a third mark.

  15. lol #TANKBETTER what a burn.

  16. Yeah that 215b really needs to work on positioning, he’ll never be a unicum
    like Quickybaby by making mistakes like that…


  17. awesome game by QB roflmao

  18. jeroen berkenbosch

    schorremorie = punk or rascal ……… so yeah with that name even
    rascal`s make mistakes :)

  19. dude guy person man

    hey anfield.. i’ve been watching your vids for some time now and they’ve
    been really helpful but the problem is that i’m a low tier player (tier 6
    to be exact) and i usually just get seal clubbed or can’t do any damage at
    all SINCE MM IS BALANCED. can you make previews of lower tier tanks and
    show yourself playing in horrible match up so we can learn a thing or two?

  20. quicky baby was on the other team

  21. Hey Anfield
    I have submitted a E100 reply with 7.6K Damage 9.17
    Let me know if u got it by email

  22. Thanks anfield

  23. Anfield, one small request when you make replays. Can you press Ctrl+Tab at
    the beginning so we see the tanks in the players lists on the left and the
    right instead of the names? I believe that’s much more important to assess
    the situation.
    I know it’s a pain, but unfortuantely the WoT Replay system doesn’t keep
    all your settings that you use ingame, you have to to it every time you
    played the normal client or rebooted (I think, at least playing 2 replays
    consecutively makes the second one keep changes you made in the first one).

    Would be helpful I believe.

  24. I have a replay of me playing in tier 5 T-34 and hunting for that 3rd mark
    and I yesterday got 2.5k dmg game 8kills and even tho we lost in the end it
    was 2v5 and we managed to push it with Lefefefefefefee to 2v1 and we were
    close to victory by capping but the enemy T-34 managed to suprise me and I
    had noticed before that he was using the 76mm gun so he could oneshot me
    cause I was on so low hp and that’s what he did. Don’t know can you see it
    in the replay but I actually had a littel lag in the end but I think that
    did not have any effect to me bouncing in the end. So are you interested or
    do I still send it to you?

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