World of Tanks – Replay Review Sir_Novicius T62a

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Upload them here –


  1. Funky music!

  2. Dimitrios Galiatsatos

    An field which one of the two Swedish tank lines are you gonna be grinding
    first and why?

  3. I really like the idea of reviewing replays like this, but it needs some
    It would be really cool if you could pause the replay (like you did now)
    and ‘analyze’ the minimap. I’d say increase the in-replay size of the
    minimap and maybe draw on it with screenmarkers.
    If you’re interested, ‘Screenmarker’ is a programm which allows you to draw
    on the screen ON TOP of the replay.


    the not leading shots part triggered me eks dee

  5. eggs dee tier 10 plays

  6. You will have rare games where you do a massive amount of damage and take
    none in return, but I’ve found that for the most part if you still have
    most of your HP at the end of the game, then you played too passively. This
    replay is a pretty good example of that.

  7. I loved my T54 so much. I was pretty damn good in it too. my T62a feels
    like a great tank too but I have terrible games in it. Am I just playing it

  8. i really like the “idea” of commentary replays… if they are GOOD..

  9. Does Anfillet like the 50b buff?

  10. hm 17k subs? I thought u still had under 10k. good going :P

  11. what fov you use btw?

  12. I honestly think these types of videos are the best for improving at the
    Keep it up!

  13. Anfield do you think pushing straight into F2 is worth it when you have the
    team backing you up from G1? I tend to play assault like that and usually
    farm shitload of assisted plus you are hulldown.

  14. It looks like server reticle is turned on. My biggest advice, especially on
    60 ping is too turn that shit off and leads to missing a lot of those lead
    shots on moving tanks.

  15. So my feedback is that you check the replays before starting recording
    them, and focusing on some aspects of the player’s strategy that you would
    have done differently/bettter.

    Also, perhaps it would be better for you to review losses, and ways to have
    carried the game, instead of landslide victories, although proven from this
    replay, you can provide some tips to do even more damage.

  16. And my little b-c 25t AP replay still haven´t been shown. FeelsBadMan.

  17. Gotta farm the farmers before they farm you.

  18. Hi Anfield, I really like this kind of video! Keep going mate!

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