World of Tanks – Replay Review WZ 111 5A

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  1. Notification squad, where you at?

  2. What happened to 30v 30?

  3. Stupid gold spammer, mark of excellence or not. Shooting gold at Maus and type5 or a super overbuffed heavy is totally fine, but running it as your standard ammo that’s pathetic and retarded.

  4. The people in these comments think you can load gold and just left/right click. 95% of the shots he hits with HEAT would have penned with AP minus the Maus and the Is7 hull snipe at the start.

    The sad thing is, if he shot mostly AP, you idiot’s would still find something to complain about. If you exerted this much energy into learning how to play the game, maybe you wouldn’t be so quick to jump to complaints. It just shows how stupid the playerbase is.

  5. Gold is in the game and if you have the credit to spend then spend themI use good a lot cause I don’t have any tanks that I want

  6. I suppose the main problem with premium ammo for the viewer is that it’s a lot more challenging and skill based to not fire premium ammo. Thus it makes for more excitement. If you’re expecting a guarantee to penetrate every shot that connects, there is less suspense for the viewer.

    On the other hand, premium ammo makes it easier for youtubers to find high damage games and make youtube videos about them. A lot of 10k battle games would never be possible without some unskillful players making mistakes and getting remarkably lucky. Most “skill” players rarely let situations to get so out of hand or just simply chai snipe 15 meters behind a bush.

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    With the last few updates, the gold spamming got insane, but if we want a kinda “realistic” tank game we need to have it for the Type 5 and Maus and maybe E100 also if you’re feeling generous

  8. lol @ people who still whine about gold. They overbuffed everything to a point where you need 300+ pen to hurt them so everyone just spams gold at tier 10. Get used to it already and stop crying.

  9. DPM on that thing is incredible. And I love it when people use manual fire extinguishers too 🙂

  10. Only me understood that little quote? R.I.P. Chester Bennington!

  11. Anyone half paying attention can put out a fire just as quick with a manual extinguisher. The reduced fire chance is negligible.

    They aren’t worth the price if you’re on a budget for some reason

  12. Marshall Allshouse

    That was a fantastic replay, the fight against the e100, Maus, is7, and 268 was crazyy

  13. Not too worried about the gold usage, nice replay all the same 🙂

  14. I don’t mind you being critical of gold, put keep it to one comment thread, but don’t spam and go full retard –

  15. yo Im a train

  16. R.I.P. Chester indeed 🙁

  17. Anfield can you explain me why many players are using too much gold ammo on this tank?

  18. The argument for not firing premium ammo being more “skillful” is pretty dumb. The vast majority of player skill comes from positioning, macroing your tanks is something any mediocre player can do so you’re really not impressing anyone by showing you understand that the lower plate and cupola are weakspots on most tanks. Considering the penetration and accuracy RNG that plagues the game, combined with the rampant increase in armour by Murazor’s recent poor decision making, refusing to fire premium rounds by some moral obligation does nothing more than limit your ability to carry in non-meta tanks and fucks over your team.

    Not being able to fire premium rounds due to financial reasons is another matter entirely, but simply choosing not to is usually based on a lack of understanding and is therefore a stupid decision imo.

  19. I for one don’t care about gold ammo, why not use the best ammo available to you

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