World of Tanks Replay | STA-1 | Deep Water

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. Isn’t that not the dorjan clan page

  2. Finally my buddy konana got featured!! :D!

  3. Finally Maxwell listening to his viewers!

  4. Mathis Prost (LuxMandible)

    Hey Maxwell, your change in commentary style is coming along really good.
    keep it up!

  5. good replay and enjoyable commentary, the change is a positive one but
    theres one thing I gotta say, health is less effective later on not more
    effective, it’s the way you use your health that makes it effective, if
    you’re able to take out tanks and make strong trades early on(2 shots for
    one and such, a tank for 1/4 of your hp or something of the sort) then it
    effects the game much more greatly than saving all your hp for late game.

    late game if the enemy has 4 more tanks than you and you’re full hp they
    have the advantage and as long as they aren’t stupid or throw the game away
    they will have a much better chance to win.

    so yeah, not using your health effectively early and saving it all for late
    game can be much less effective than using it early. You don’t want to be
    trading one for one early tho unless you’ve got good armour like an E100
    and can bounce stuff but that’s a new ball game since the e100 also trades
    1 shot for 1 pretty damn well with it’s huge health pool and good alpha.

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