World of Tanks Replay | T-34-1 I Got This

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  1. I had a 3.7k dmg game in my a44 recently in which I managed to single
    handedly defeat a full health tiger and a t34 85 while taking only one
    damaging shot.
    The problem is I didn’t hit record :(

  2. ice water in his veins, dude

  3. Maxwell – the first replay that I would consider frustrating to watch…
    Such a tedious pace, so many failteam moments. I really wanted to like it,
    and gave it a thumbs up for generic purposes, but this was a rare moment
    when I am on the side of, “why share this one?”

    • What an obvious over-reacting lunatic! I wasn’t heavy handed in my initial
      reply at all, I was mostly pointing out that you were misunderstanding and
      taking emphasis away from the fact that Maxwell was sharing a video that
      was a bit lame.

      Mind blown about your grammar and english being good enough to bait asshole
      arguments. Douchey and troll-like.

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +Smackedown You know what? I just realized (mainly because I’m sort of
      dyslexic, or so my doctor told me. Not severely but dyslexic nonetheless)
      my brain decided to skip out some words, because brains see what they want
      to see, not what is reality.

      So pardon me, I thought you were implying there was more then one replay.

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      Oh yeah and did you really have to be such a dick about it? The fact
      someone might be dyslexic not ONCE crossed your mind, even though they so
      obviously skipped out an almost entire sentence?

    • Well I sympathize with the fact that you have dyslexia – one of my children
      does as well. You are still a bit of a argument baiting troll at the same
      time. But no, I did not consider that you might have dyslexia, and will NOT
      start considering all possible disorders a person might have when replying
      to their comments on youtube. That being said, I wish you well in regards
      to your dyslexia, and really don’t want to argue with you about (anything).
      I only want Maxwell to know that this is one of the first videos that was
      hard for me to find enjoyment from due to the pace and very failteam
      actions that I endured watching to get to the end of it. Have a nice day.

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +Smackedown Well I guess at least now it’ll be more to the top of the
      comment’s 😛

  4. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    That damn fucking intro gets me every time…

  5. A Very Good Run, This Guy Play’s Well.

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