World of Tanks Replay | T20 Run Around

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  1. Maxwell, I’ve been meaning to say this for a while. I personally find your
    videos very, very repetative, and for that reason rather boring. Could you
    not try and vary your commentary? I personally think you should give that a
    go, the intro i find especially annoyong :/ hello and welcome to another
    round of worl…….. my name as always…… from the user….. thats…
    and hes driving ….. on a standard battle on …… the…. being a ……
    For the british! Yeah, js, constructive criticism!

    • +ALMIGHTYkingSAM
      I know what you mean; but I find it oddly calming, with the same commentary
      structure every time.

  2. Same map same tanks same tiers same kind of tanks all the time blah blah


  3. I like these replay reviews. Well done and keep ’em coming.

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