World of Tanks Replay | T28 HTC | Sometimes it Works

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. 1:53 That was actually a lag. I released W but the tank kept going forward

  2. Did that hellcat kill himself by ramming hi over and over? XD

  3. Got a Radley’s with the Fart gun not the dart gun… LOL! Thanks
    Despicable Me! Hard to know the weak spots on tanks you don’t see very

  4. I love my T28 HTC. I usually run it in platoons of two or three of them. My
    win rate in it is over 70%.

  5. What happened to Dream Team, I loved that series!

  6. Love the ridicule in chat LOL 🙂 great Play by the Gas man

  7. Ever notice the best replays with the most dynamic action contain no

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