World of Tanks Replay | T44 | The Stepchild

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. Looks like the T-150 only got 43 damage total and 512xp, since you
    mentioned it in the beginning.

  2. And the T-150 actually only did 43dmg for his 2 kills….

  3. lel t-150 43 damage total

  4. Richard Gustafsson

    The T-44 and T-43 are both awesome! You’re just bad at the tank :P

  5. Richard Gustafsson

    8:30 T69 trying to pen a T-54 frontally. No, he can’t penetrate! XD

  6. I love the t44 i have 2 gunmarks in it and once i did over 5k damage in it

  7. Thx for uploading this Maxwell 😀
    I now got the t54 and I am gonna get the top gun this weekend… also I am
    on 82.9% for the mark on t44 atm so I hope I can get it while I grind the
    tank to elite status o/

  8. I kind of enjoyed the T-44, but the gun performance and lack of any armor
    always seemed to let me down. I sold it when I got my T-54 which is a much
    more enjoyable tank to play.

  9. T-44 is average if i can say like that , you can play it in t8 , somehow in
    t9 , but in t10 bye bye my friend. I have already lost my nerves coz of
    this tank and his poor penetration …

  10. Anastasia Kolomnikov

    I always have trouble with the Soviet tanks because the long aim time/bad

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