World of Tanks Replay | T49 | Best Scout

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. Benjamin Withnell

    what is expert

  2. What a fantastic display of T49 skill in spotting, damaging, killing, and
    proper positiooning/re-positioning.

  3. In the beginning, you apologized for showing a more tactical game. TBH, I
    would rather see a good display of tactics than an exciting game. Of
    course, I’m kind of weird that way.

  4. Is that “Expert” thing that keeps showing up when he nails a tank a mod or

  5. Great game, but some weird moments of hesitation for a player with such
    obvious skill. A shame we missed the shot (I guess by his teammate) on the
    STA-1 after it came chasing RJ down, that had to be a great shot too.

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