World Of Tanks Replay – T54 First Prototype + Announcement

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Source: Plumb Tanker

New_Fire drives his First and a lengthy chat at the end about a new idea for getting you on the channel…

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  1. Well, it kinda does not have good rate of fire, its about 7 seconds,
    because it has a 100mm gun if i remember corectly, and not a 90mm or a 8.8
    as most of the tier 8 mediums do. And the maneuverabilty is on the low side
    from all the tier 8 meds.
    It was nice to see that he was not switching to apcr when he saw the
    heavies, he aimed at the weakspots, and penetrated, gj. Loved when he
    switched to HE for the kill shot on the T43, to not waste an APCR shell for
    nothing 🙂 nice game

  2. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    looking forwards ruining the video with the terrible german accent of mine

  3. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    the first one really hurt

  4. Get your voice on plumbs channel by playing in our strongholds battles :P

  5. Nice idea about giving people the chance to appear on your channel. I’d
    probably do it if I wasn’t already having a go at doing my own WoT videos
    (which I’m back at, after a long break while I tried to work out how to
    solve an issue with OBS that was chopping a lump off the bottom of my
    screen). I’m still sort of finding my way with video editing (and using
    Windows Moviemaker, which isn’t ideal, but the price is right), but I’m
    slowly getting there.

  6. Tea drinking crumpet munching British chap

    Oh, the guest commentator sounds like a fun idea, might have a go if I get
    the time. :-D

  7. Tea drinking crumpet munching British chap

    Since that game was played the Mod 1 had a pen and gun handling buff, which
    it did need.
    No pref MM for the Mod 1 though, so it sees tier 10’s.

  8. Christian Armbruster

    Nice, this tank is now added to my list of tanks that I would buy if WG
    announced that they were going to be removed from the shop soon (Now T-54
    mod 1, AMX Chasseur de Chars, SU-122-44 and Type 64 are in the list), maybe
    I will buy them sooner when I really want to have them. But not now, I am
    happy with my premium tanks at the moment :-)

  9. Xjebeh Bshsbsbb

    When will you introduce the next rare tank? Which tank will it be?

  10. Thanks so much for featuring me here!

    Also, in the end the time almost ran out, hence the anti-climax.

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