World of Tanks Replay | T54E1 | Delivering Freedom

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. 1st Where’s my pony?

  2. Thanks for showing my replay Maxwell!

    A few words about this match:

    -Good god was that some poor shooting on my part against that IS-3, I
    facepalmed hard when I spent 2 clips on him and couldn’t even kill him

    -After putting a shell in the wall instead of the pershing, I decided I was
    going to use autoaim more often that match because wasting shells in an
    autoloader can lead to disaster.

    -Had to make a call between helping my friend in the AMX 30 or the T-34-1.
    Platoonmate is way more dependable to count on protecting me during my
    reload. Platoonmates before pubbies. Sorry T-34-1.

    -Driving over the rubble makes me miss a shell into the AMX CDC.
    Regardless, I was going to reload anyway after killing him as the remaining
    tanks were not within one shot range. The rubble will strike again later.

    -When fighting both the WZ-120 and the pershing, I focus the WZ first as
    his gun was the most dangerous and he had the lowest health. Kept the 2
    rounds in my clip in case the pershing wanted to keep pushing. Once I was
    certain he wasn’t going to, I reload. Had the pershing taken my 2 shots to
    the face, he would have most likely survived and could have ended the
    battle right there.

    -Indeed, I was certain that the pershing and FV207 would camp base, but
    they somehow got around me and on cap. I come charging around the corner
    cause that cover in the cap isn’t enough for both of them.

    -After my reload, I pretend that I’m going to come around the left side of
    the rubble, but instead I change direction and attack from the right, but
    that bloody rubble I drive over almost makes me miss another shot. I give
    it a stern look afterwards.

    -I also loaded in my last 2 AP shells. IMO this was poor play as I should
    have loaded a full APCR clip in case I missed the FV207 twice or even 3
    times (yes, the gun is that derpy). Although it worked out in the end.

    Overall I greatly enjoyed the T54E1 and that map was good for it since most
    encounters are at close range and the gun on it does not like to be aimed.

  3. Friggen HATE the angled down view that limits our ability to see what’s
    going on between shots – all of the irritating replays are that way now and
    it’s making them unenjoyable to watch anymore.

  4. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    The penetration is NOT poor, it isn’t good, but it’s enough.

    Anymore and it’d only serve to make the tank more ridiculous than it
    already is.

    Edit: ALSO, 5:21, the CDC looks more like he’s crashed or his internet went
    down, since *that* skilled a player does not AFK in such a situation as was

  5. Maxwell we should have children – I love arty and you play tanks well. The
    babies would be hybred death machines – But who would go on top? And I wont
    be carrying any seeds in me!

  6. Good replay Max. I felt no irritation upon viewing.

  7. Some very nice gameplay maxwell, thanks for showing this fantastic game.

  8. me: submits T54E1 replay
    *sees T54E1 replay get posted*
    me: oh my god no way
    *sees Kolobanov’s Medal in thumbnail*
    me: lol ok it’s not mine

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