World of Tanks Replay | T54E1 In with the new

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  1. Great as always!

  2. How do you get such good quality recording? Could you tell me which capture
    software and editing software you use? It would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Nice one! I do like the new commentary

  4. That was a pretty sweet game. ^_^ just curious, did you see my Vk 28.01
    game I sent you? Might be a a bit too passive for the channel but it was
    worth a try. 

  5. He should have waited for the t44 to come around the corner IMO and taken
    his tracks so that both he and the t34 could hit him as it was he blocked
    the heavy not allowing him to do any damage. Really bugs me when people do
    that, as it was it worked out ok but could have been a whole different
    story if the arty had got him and t44 had lived.

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