World of Tanks Replay | T62a | Another Heartbreak?

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. Finally – an EPIC replay brought to us by Maxwell!! Thanks for it!!

  2. god i till the end i was sure that the wt would kill him :D

  3. yeah i was expecting him to die at the end, but damn, eeeepic game. gg

  4. Mathis Prost (LuxMandible)

    Epic – one of the best sub replay’s you’ve shown Max. Except for the “side
    on” at the end this play was really good and nerve-recking. Learned from
    watching this. RGG

  5. If I was not side on there, it would have taken more time to get to cover
    so WT could have shot me 2x. Was trusting the bush to keep me hidden which
    didn’t work from that angle. And btw the WT fired five times there, you can
    hear 1 shell land on ground when he was not spotted so he was reloading
    when I went for IS3. Ending was a massive risk but I was worried the time
    would run out :).

  6. Just Damn

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