World of Tanks Replay | T62a Kill Secured

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  1. +Maxwell Plays the problem I have with this replay following on from your
    comment, I’m not a scrub but I’m not a unicum player (by overall stats) and
    I’d rather watch a nail biting loss than an average win, because I don’t
    come here to learn, if I did I would go to Sir Havoc, I come here for the
    thrills and fun. Stick to the fun bro – it’s what you’re good at!

  2. +Sir Beastalot I’ll bare that in mind when looking at replays, thanks for
    the feedback 🙂

  3. Basileus Kopernikus

    +Maxwell Plays
    Replays with unicums tearing it up
    don’t really serve that much of an educational purpose. They just make it
    look (too) easy.

    Things like map awareness, knowing your
    tank/the enemy tanks, understanding the spotting system, knowing when and
    why shots bounce or penetrate are the basics you need to be a better

    That and practice. Millions watch Lionel Messi play, but they don’t get
    better at football that way.

    Tl;dr: what Sir Beastalot said 🙂

  4. +Sir Beastalot Or – this is a ‘how to play the T-62A as top tier’ vid which
    is pretty much exemplary. Excellent use of the turret armour by charging at
    the enemy at the end. A worthy vid.

  5. +Sir Beastalot Not sure if you learn for the past 2 years, but Max always
    post replays that always end with a win. If you want to watch a loss match,
    go watch a tomato tanker.

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