World of Tanks Replay | The Mighty IS-3

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. Maxwell, i sent replay with 1814 exp, 6820 damage and 5 kills in IS3, i
    thought you posted that :(

  2. Well Max thanks man , for showing up my replay 🙂 i hope you guys will have
    some fun watching.

  3. The is3 and the isu destroy the balancing of tier 8 because the isus rof is
    way way too fast for a 750 alpha gun with basically 290 pen its stupid and
    the is3 eats shots that it shouldnt have a hope of bouncing can keep up
    with mediums has a gun the is incredibly reliable with a strong turret and
    ive had shots from the jpz e100s 17cm bounce off an is3 facing me because
    russia its stupidly op and i think either needs a serious mobility nerf or
    a decrease in rof.

  4. Bit too many is3 games to be honest on here. I sent you a 3.7k dmg game in
    the M6, have you seen it yet?

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