World of Tanks Replay | Tiger (P) | Need Moar Medals

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. Would be cool to see some Dream Team videos somtime.. they were funny and

    • +Nils Kolbergs Fair enough. I might post a couple of the games if they are
      funny/good enough. And I’ll keep everyone informed about the dream team

    • +Maxwell Plays Ok, but today is ice hockey night. No time to watch streams.

    • +Nils Kolbergs We are talking about getting the dream team back together
      soon. In the meantime I’m streaming with Circon tonight 😉

  2. First

  3. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Is this a repost again? I swear you already posted this video…

  4. i love my tiger p i think it was my first tier 7 heavy and i love playing
    this thing its one of the few heavies which has armour that scales really
    providing you know how to abuse the strong points and try to negate the
    weak points of it

  5. 1 moar medal needed, kolobanovs

  6. thought i recognized the video. Jingles did a commentary on it as well a
    little while ago

  7. burak102_1… and the vehicles with most games played is… *drumroll*…
    aaaaartillery! When i checked out for myself my first thought was:

    “Yep, i dont know what else i expected to see.”
    You dont have to be Miss Marple or Sherlock Holmes to see that his actions
    spoke for themselves as his “Ode to stupidity” was perfectly displayed by
    doing what majority of his cowardly scumbag brethren do when they remember
    that there are other vehicle classes except their “skill wagons” to play…
    camp the rear and do nothing.

    But i digress, i applaud still_guns for a marvelous performance of skills,
    tactical awareness, nerves of steel. stubbornness to survive and a will to
    win. The nail biting action held me on the edge of my seat in cold sweat.
    Great game :)

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