World of Tanks Replay | Tiger (P) | Need Moar Medals

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Source: Maxwell Plays

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  1. +Nils Kolbergs Fair enough. I might post a couple of the games if they are
    funny/good enough. And I’ll keep everyone informed about the dream team

  2. +Maxwell Plays Ok, but today is ice hockey night. No time to watch streams.

  3. +Nils Kolbergs We are talking about getting the dream team back together
    soon. In the meantime I’m streaming with Circon tonight 😉

  4. +Shaz Widhani Yeah, but noone cares.

  5. Quintin Baumeister

    +Maxwell Plays I think QB posted it sometime within the last week, but I
    really don’t mind seeing it again

  6. +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man yeah i was gonna say the
    same thing. had a weird feeling of deja vu when it started lol

  7. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    +Maxwell Plays It is awesome, but yeah I think he did.

  8. +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man I think Jingles may have
    posted it, but it’s awesome so…

  9. +Shaz Widhani Exactly 🙂 That damned KV-3

  10. +R3dhawk Yeah I realised after I posted it but figured ‘what the hell, its
    an awesome game anyway’

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